Wednesday, May 29, 2013

PPP poll shows voter confusion on Virginia candidates

Terry McAuliffe is not popular but Ken Cuccinelli is more unpopular. The PPP poll says that 33% of voters hold a negative opinion of  McAuliffe and 29% of voters hold a favorable opinion of him. Cuccinelli on the other hand is viewed as 44% negative and 32%  positive.

McAuliffe leads Cuccinelli by 5 points, 42/37. McAuliffe also led by 5 points on our January poll, but undecideds have increased since then from 13% to 21%.

Voters seem to be confused and who can blame them following the Republican Convention on May 18 when the inflammatory tea party candidate, E.W. Jackson was nominated for lieutenant governor. That resulted in 71% of voters not knowing who he is and having no opinion. Those that do find Jackson 20% unfavorable.

In the Lieutenant Governor Democratic Primary 54% of voters haven’t made up their mind. Aneesh Chopra, who has just 42% name recognition even with primary voters leads Sen. Ralph Northam, who has just 30% name recognition, by a 27/18 margin.

Aneesh Chopra put out a statement and positive spin on the poll saying,That’s good news, but the most important number in the poll is that 54% of voters remain undecided. We have the momentum going into the final 13 days.”

In the Democratic Attorney General Primary 59% of voters are undecided. Sen. Mark Herring, who has 27% name recognition, leads Justin Fairfax, who has 19% name recognition, by a 22/19 margin. Herring has a slight edge over Fairfax in a match-up with Mark Obenshain at this point 33/32%.

The Democratic Primary is June 11 and the candidates have some work to do on the undecideds.


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