Friday, May 2, 2008

Public Hearing On the 2008 – 2009 Budget

Thumbs down on the budget. The Roanoke City Firefighters Association was out in full force at the budget hearing Thursday evening. I attended as a neighborhood president to protect our interests with Station No. 13. The purposed budget is decommissioning an engine that serves the Northwest community. There are 95 homes being built in a new subdivision named Willow Walk. Tell me what sense it makes to REDUCE services (fire and police) but build more homes. It tells you that this administration has no regard for our public safety. For details on the reduction in first line fire personnel and equipment moves CLICK HERE TO THE FIRE BLOG.
I was the only citizen to speak in OUR defense. After all we depend on an 8 minute response time that is now in jeopardy. You see Station 13 also serves the North Lakes (County) as well. So the only engine is out on a call at North Lakes and my home on Mattaponi is on fire. Engine comes from ? but then that engine could be backing up another fire.
But let us have another study on the amphitheater, 880K to a private developer, and as someone was pointing out on the Roanoke Times message board – why does not Sherman Holland, Commissioner of Revenue collect the overdue business taxes. Threaten revocation of their business license. I’ll tell you why – the City leaders fear losing ANY business they will overlook these indiscretions because heaven forbid we loose one of them. So, how much leeway do you get on your Personal Property Tax?
The Roanoke City Police Department is in dire straights as well. Our CRO for our neighborhood always come to our meeting with another officer when usually he came by himself. I asked why? It seems their are not enough police cruisers so they have to ride together. They are also 30 policeman down. All salaries for the Police are frozen. So we expect them to come when they call, Time is of the essence when Police are called like the drug dealers on our street that do not stay long enough for an overloaded Police officer to break free to come catch this drug dealer.

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