Friday, August 10, 2012

Puttin’ and Politicin’ at the Greater Griffith Open

Sen. Ralph Smith, Golf Pro Stance on No. 3

It is a yearly event that Republicans look forward to every year. In fact if it were not held I suspect Rep. Morgan Griffith would lose a few votes. The event is a family affair especially for the youngest.

It was a first for Delegate Greg Habeeb and wife Christy as they made the 18-hole at Putt-Putt on Peters Creek Road with Daniel 7, William 5 and Anna 4. It was a lesson in patience for the delegate who handled it well for the most part. It’s just that the holes seemed a bit illusive for the trio. Anna was the most patient as girls go while the boys were inclined to turn it into more like field hockey.

Catching up to Senator Ralph Smith on the third fairway his stance was that of a pro but the metal “Putt Putt” signage left him with a bogey on that hole. It was the fault of the photographer that disturbed his focus – surely that was it.

Griffith was meeting and greeting. It was a fundraiser and his wife Hilary worked the sign-in table. There was an opportunity to talk a little politics with Habeeb, Smith and Griffith. (To be continued.)

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