Thursday, April 1, 2010

Q99 Breakfast Club rattles residents of Countryside

Dick Daniels, Valerie, David Paige

It was what??? A water park at Countryside Golf Course? Dick Daniels and David Paige pulled one of their famous April fools jokes this morning on Q99. I have to say I fell for it. You know I am punchy and suspicious with the city jerking the residents (of which I am one) around for the past 5 years.

Not only that but there was a rumor from an “inside source” that one of the council members had just that in mind. This along with the community thinking that there is a “higher purpose” already in the works made for some anxious moments.

Of course it made no sense. A subsidized water park in this budget? Still stranger things come out of council so it is almost an embarrassment that anyone would take it seriously. Remember though council’s history and sadly it becomes a possibility. Close a functioning golf course but turn part of it into a water park.

It already is somewhat of a water park with all the flooding that has occurred along Frontage Road – just bring your inner tube and have at it. The “No Trespassing” signs just ignore them – remember your tax dollars paid for that property so it is YOURS.

Golfer would pay more for rounds at Countryside Golf Course – video

Countryside Golf Course before and after shutdown – Video

Passing the environmental “buck” on “clean and green” video

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