Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rasoul believes lower Northwest tax assessments part of larger problem

Sam Rasoul

Candidate for Mayor Sam Rasoul announced today that he believes the lower tax assessments in Northwest Roanoke are part of a larger problem stemming from decades of deferred capital improvements and a lack of quality job opportunities for all citizens – two critical factors that have contributed to the spike in foreclosures in Northwest.

“Northwest was hit the hardest for two reasons: the city has neglected to improve the area over the years, and we don’t have enough good paying jobs accessible to everyone. When knocking on doors and speaking to the citizens of Northwest, we see a marked difference between many neighborhoods here and other parts of the city,” Rasoul states. “Streets are unpaved, roads lack signs, and it’s not safe to have major roads without sidewalks. Let’s lift up all parts of the city and bring jobs that pay a living wage.”

Rasoul wants the city to ensure that capital improvements are fairly distributed to all parts of the city.

With the effects of the lower tax assessments dramatically affecting so many areas, Rasoul believes citizens have not been given enough time to appeal by the February 1st deadline.

“That is less than one month,” Rasoul says. “At the very least, I would hope that the Mayor would join me in pushing for the appeal deadline to be extended to ensure every citizen is well informed and can make an educated decision, especially with one-third of Roanoke’s properties seeing a reduction in value.”

Rasoul is running for Mayor of Roanoke in a head-to-head primary with current Mayor David Bowers. The Firehouse Primary will be held at William Fleming High School on Saturday, February 4, from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM.

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Liz Dudley

January 25th, 2012 at 10:43 PM    

Rasoul needs to come over to 5th and 6th St SE back behind the Roanoke Rescue Mission and check that neighborhood out. Grass grows in the street in front of 533 6th St in the summer time. Big Blue trash cans are out at the sidewalks next to the walls, sidewalks are in bad condition and trash is all over the streets most of the time. Roanoke city says the city has no money to give alley pickup or make any improvements. This Neighborhood has the highest crime rate than any other part of the city. Back in 2002 when the city of Roanoke allowed the expansion for the women’s shelter, there were 34 calls to 911 in a years period. Now 10 years later that # has climbed to 1600 calls in a years period. Now the Roanoke Rescue Mission is wanting to expand again. The Belmont Neighborhood is crying out for help because the conditions in the neighborhood are appalling and embarrassing. Quality of life is non-existent.

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