Saturday, March 15, 2008

REAL Democrats Don’t “HATE”

Today I attended the St. Patrick’s Day parade and what a parade it was … the best ever! Thank you Robin Reed for the beautiful weather. You could not miss the mayoral candidate, David Bowers, who is VERY Irish and sported green hair. Shouts of “Run, David, Run” echoed as he walked by. The Bowers crew pulled me into the parade. What fun we had today. I wish I had brought my camera. Sam Rousal, the Democratic candidate for Congress in the 6th District received all kinds of attention. Everyone wanting a picture with this young fresh hope.
The bad part of the day started early, however. As I stood waiting for the parade to start I was talking to a couple who moved here from Atlanta and were VERY big Democrats. They specifically moved here TO retire in Roanoke. They quoted the reasons and their first reason was the MARKET and of course the beauty of the valley. Roanoke was just the right size for them. On the other side of me was a member of the Roanoke City Democratic Committee who proceeded to inform me and these good people from Atlanta how she “hated” Carolyn Word. Now some of you know that I was on the Roanoke City Democratic Committee and before I resigned prior to my Independent candidacy – I was Northwest District Leader. Mostly on my own during the prior two years on the RCDC I rewrote the very old by-laws according to the Virginia Democratic Party Plan. To inact them it required a 2/3 vote to pass. It did not pass by a few votes.
This current member of the RCDC who was standing beside me at the parade said the reason she voted against it was because she “hated” the then Chair of the RCDC, Carolyn Word, and anything she had anything to do with she would vote against it. How is that for what the current RCDC represents. These two people who moved here were puzzled as they had met Carolyn Word and liked her allot. This current member of the RCDC (name left off on purpose so if you want to know then email me) told them some outright untruths. This current member only hurt herself as these new Roanokers had met David Bower’s mother and were friends of hers. They had also been to the reorg in December and witnessed the chaos.
Hopefully, these new Roanokers found out today who the REAL Democrats are and will learn more than I could tell them in a few minutes … REAL Democrats don’t “HATE”.

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