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Rebuttal to The Roanoke Times endorsement of Greg Habeeb

UPDATE: The Roanoke Times Editorial Board withdraws endorsement.

One may wonder what does impress the editors of The Roanoke Times after their interview with the candidates for the 8th district. Most people would be impressed with any 23 year old elected to a city council. The fact that Ginger Mumpower was a 23 year old woman who was elected to Radford City Council in the 1980’s is even more impressive. During her term Ginger served as Vice-Mayor. The fact that Ginger’s record of receiving the most votes for Radford City Council still stands is extraordinary.

The Roanoke Times states that “Habeeb is a deeply conservative individual who believes that, even after years of punishing budget cuts, state government remains too large.” Habeeb said, “Government isn’t always the problem, but it is rarely the solution.” The 8th District deserves to have a representative who believes that it is her mission to find the solution of how to best serve the needs of the people. Ginger’s proposal to extend Amtrak through the Roanoke Valley corridor to Blacksburg would create jobs and stimulate downtown economies, while helping to solve the transportation challenges in our area. Ginger has a history of finding solutions and she will bring that ability to Richmond for the betterment of our Commonwealth.

It’s hard to believe that The Roanoke Times interviewer believed Habeeb’s promise “to make his priority advancing the interests of the Roanoke Valley, not the Republican Party.” Habeeb claimed that “most of my life is not partisan”. Even the Roanoke Tea Party didn’t buy into that smoke and mirrors. Greg Habeeb has never been elected to serve the public but he is the Chair of the Salem Republican Party. Chip Tarbutton, President of the Roanoke Tea Party wrote on their website: “Just not sure if the move to find a primary opponent is rooted in genuine political opposition or a move to make it look like this wasn’t all pre-arranged. I ultimately don’t really care what the GOP does internally. I just find the political dance interesting and illustrative as to why so many are disenchanted with politics as usual.”

While the Republican committee was searching to see if someone would be willing to run against Habeeb in the primary, Habeeb was busy lining up endorsements from Republican heavy weights like Cuccinelli. Tarbutton wrote on the Tea Party site : “We do find it interesting that the local GOP is sending out mixed messages. The local leadership has been soliciting for candidates to run, while having every political heavyweight in the valley publicly throwing their weight behind the Habeeb candidacy. Is there strife within the party or are they just trying to make it seem less like a fait accompli? Would you spend your money or time on a primary campaign against Habeeb based on the forces lined up to support him? I sure would have to take a pause.”

Ginger Mumpower wasn’t even a committee member of the local Democratic Party. It was the Roanoke County Democratic Party who respected her small business experience from founding her successful Ginger’s Jewelry stores along with her successful local government experience who approached her and asked her to run for office. This was not the first time she had been asked to serve. Over the years well respected people in our community like Chip Woodrum had asked her to run for office. Ginger didn’t want to run for office while her children were young. Her youngest child is now a junior in high school. Now the time is right for her to run and Virginia needs her to win.

The difference between the two candidates is clear from their signs and their literature. Ginger’s signs and literature state “It’s About PEOPLE *NOT *Politics!” Habeeb’s signs and literature state “Republican”. Vote for a delegate this Tuesday not a politician. Vote for Ginger Mumpower.

Freeda Lynne Cathcart is the former President of the Roanoke Valley National Organization for Women

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Shirley Everett

January 7th, 2011 at 11:17 AM    

Great article Freeda. Way to go Girl!

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Albert Phillips

January 10th, 2011 at 8:40 PM    

Just figured a slight correction was warranted: Greg WAS the Chair of the Salem Republicans rather than IS.

But frankly, being or having been the chair of a partisan committee doesn’t negate the statement that “most of my life is not partisan”.

Good luck to both candidates – they both seem like very nice people.


January 10th, 2011 at 8:57 PM    


Thank you for correcting the commentary.

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