Friday, July 29, 2011

Rep. Griffith held his nose and voted for Boehner plan

WASHINGTON – Congressman Morgan Griffith (R-VA) issued the following statement today regarding his vote on the Budget Control Act of 2011:

“Over the past several weeks, I have been listening to many folks in the 9th District who are rightfully concerned with our nation’s debt and, like I am, are frustrated by Washington’s lack of spending discipline. Many have urged me to make a common sense compromise, and even some of those who oppose the Boehner plan understand the need to do something to bring about stability and peace of mind to the American public. After reviewing constituent comments, I made the difficult decision to compromise and vote for the Budget Control Act in order to avert economic harm from a potential financial panic.

“This bill is far from perfect. I voted for it, but I had to hold my nose while doing so. The bill centers on raising the debt ceiling by less than a trillion dollars. In order to strengthen America’s future, the first year spending cuts in the Speaker’s plan should be larger, but it is a realistic approach and a step in the right direction. I was assured by House leadership that each week Congress will keep its focus on cutting spending. The bill also holds Congress and the White House accountable by assuring that before the debt ceiling is raised again, we would get a Balanced Budget Amendment sent to the states for approval and get either more spending cuts or another chance to debate overall government spending by spring of 2012.

“By definition, compromise is not ideal, but we cannot give President Obama a blank check.”

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