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Republican Candidate 17th District

Melvin Williams

Melvin Williams

Melvin Williams, 36, is seeking the Republican nomination of his party for the 17th District of Virginia. The seat held by Delegate William Fralin (R) who announced he was stepping down to devote more time to the family business, Medical Facilities of America.

“Smaller government is better government” is Williams’ platform. He touted his conservative values  instilled in his youth. Rather than serving up government handouts Williams believes in the helping hands of the community, neighbors, church and family. He does support some government assistance as “a safety net” in the most dire of circumstances. Melvin Williams website is located HERE.

Williams was sympathetic to men who owe child support. In many cases “the people who need the child support are in no better condition than the people that are suppose to be paying.”

Williams grandfather was in the House of Delegates in Allegheny County from 1960 to about 1972. His wife, Pamela, said that he had held a position in church ministry throughout his law practice and was pastor of Church of the Brethren in Newport News while in law school.

When it comes to working across the isle Williams says that its more about “geographic delegation” then “party delegation” and credits Delegate Onzlee Ware  (D) in the adjoining 11th District as a nonpartisan legislator who is doing “what is best for Virginia.”

Williams said that he believes people in the Roanoke Valley want “to see a government that is efficient” and one “that is not going to take any more money out of their pocket than they have to.” Government should be used for “essential resources … the private sector should be first.”

Social Services should be the last resort not the first resort,” said Williams. Government should only be for “when there is no other option.”

Roanoke conservative Mickie Nixon was helping out but the campaign staffing is still in the works. According to Salem Republican Chair, Adam Boitnott there could be other contenders. Boitnott indicated there would be an announcement of a Republican candidate for the 11th District coming soon.

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Roanoke Republican

March 14th, 2009 at 6:43 AM    

Melvin Williams’s Campaign for Virginia House of Delegates Official Website is located here: http://www.melvinwilliams2009.com

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The Roanoke Free Press

April 14th, 2009 at 1:14 PM    

[…] Melvin Williams earlier announcement can be found HERE. […]

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