Thursday, April 29, 2010

Republican candidate for city council dissed – video

Democratic candidate Bill Bestpitch

Prior to Thursday night’s forum hosted by the Roanoke Chapter of the NAACP the Roanoke Valley Democratic Women held their annual Wine and Cheese fundraiser at the Ramada Inn on Franklin Road. One Democratic candidate took the opportunity to hit the Republican candidate(s) hard.

As reported by Mason Adams of The Roanoke Times – on WTOY radio the Republican candidate for council Mike Powell had an exchange with a caller who he thought was his fellow ticket-mate Republican Colonel Bob Craig.

In addition the Republican candidates for city council took exception to Democratic candidate Bill Bestpitch’s mailer. Mike Powell, Tony Walker and Colonel Bob Craig called the mailer’s claim that they would fire teachers and fire/EMS personnel if elected a lie.

Read the exchange HERE at The Roanoke Times.

At the fundraiser the Democratic candidate Bill Bestpitch made hay with the radio show incident and diminished the colonel’s financial prowess. Colonel Bob Craig has made his knowledge and management of a military budget the basis for his qualification for city council.

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Bill McClure

April 30th, 2010 at 12:37 AM    

Sorry politics again. I was going to vote for Bestpitch, he just convinced me otherwise. Bill did such a great job before, like the “traffic calming” we all hate, the now documented crappy schools, and his incessant upholding of the great job Darlene was doing (now debunked). In spite of those bad judgment lapses, I still thought he had some leadership qualities, but alas he shows himself as just the same tired political hack. The debt problem we have is a function of Bestpitch and Trinkle. Some in Roanoke seem to elect the same recycled failed people to City Council. Remember Mr. Trinkle presided over the school board when they were the guardians of the under 50% grad rate, the horrible test scores, and one of the worst rankings by the state board of education. Not that the Repubs as a whole are better, but we know the failure of the recycled failures. Reward failure is Roanoke Cities motto, the reason the rest of the valley laughs at us.


April 30th, 2010 at 7:47 AM    

Some times he sounds so reasonable and then well … then … someone told me he would do ANYTHING to win so going negative should have been expected. Not that I’ve forgotten the boys treatment of me … we don’t want no estrogen with our testosterone.

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