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RFP Tidbits – Countryside/Music For Americans

Countryside Barn

Music For Americans: Regardless of the late revelation by local TV station WDBJ7 that the July 4th Music For Americans would be canceled within days since The Roanoke Times has pulled their sponsorship there is something a brewing.

According to Councilman Bill Bestpitch there is a challenge afoot. It’s not a done deal but the discussion is that the City of Roanoke and Roanoke County may save the day. Look for a challenge to other businesses. The city and the county will each put up $1000 each to match an accumulated $10,000 raised by private businesses and individuals.

Countryside Property: Monday city council will have a closed session on 8 acres at the Frontage Road/Highland Farm Road intersection across from Trane. This is the property that contains the old Kinsey farm barn and silo icon once emblazoned with “Countryside Golf Course”. According to Planning Administrator Chris Chittum the commercial use will retain the barn and silo.

The Planning Department is initiating an amendment to the Countryside Master Plan. Thursday May 17 the Planning Commission was expected to set a public hearing date of June 21 but lacked a quorum. The 12-acre parcel designated for agriculture is being amended to “recreation.” According to Chris Chittum at least two of four soccer fields will be located on the parcel that will include lighting. The Miller Court and Countryside neighborhoods that adjoin the parcel are vehemently opposed.

Stadium PA System: The Countryside Neighborhood and Miller Court representative met with Assistant Superintendent Curt Baker, Principal Gene Jones, and Ian Shaw with city zoning on the volume level of the William Fleming stadium PA system. Baker said they wanted to be good neighbors and various options will be reviewed including volume, announcer, speaker direction and baffles. Jones said he thinks there is a tunnel effect that exacerbates the sound as it travels the path by the tennis building.

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