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Roanoke Airport Commission indicates it will not renew lease…

August 26, 2003, this is a fax to Ms. Burcham from Ed Hall asking for approval of this letter to be sent to Meadowbrook. The response on the fax cover states: “Let Ed Hall know letter is fine.”
In this letter it states that “The Roanoke Regional Airport Commission has indicated that it does not intend to renew the 46-acre lease agreement beyond the November 2008 expiration Date.” The “Commission” was never presented with any information.
The below images is the October, 2002, correspondence from Hall Associates, Inc, referenced in the first line of this letter.

CLICK on images to enlarge.

October 23, 2002, Hall Associates Inc initiates discussion to purchase Countryside Golf Course for Roanoke City before the 46-acre lease was used as a bargaining chip. Meadowbrook indicates that it was no longer on the market.

Hall Associates highlights the “negative” aspects of the property.

Next I will post the study conducted by LCS at Roanoke City’s request in 2002-2003 which expands further the “negative” aspects of the property.

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