Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Roanoke City Council – water yes, mural yes, leaves no

Roanoke City Council says no more sucking up your leaves. Beginning this fall homes with an abundance of trees will either have to bag them or hire a contractor to take them away.

The change in city code states that if a citizen rakes them to the curb and they lay there for more then 72 hours a fine of $100 would be imposed. However, this year there will be mercy for offenders. Council decided to not levy the fine the first year. The reason was said to be the economy as well as giving citizens time to adjust to the new city code.

Council agreed to include Franklin County in the Water Authority. The benefit would be access to Smith Mountain Lake water.

An artist from Budapest was selected for a mural on the retaining wall of the Taubman museum’s Williamson Road side. Examples of the artist’s work drew giggles and jokes from Council members. The art was political in nature and Mayor Bowers said it was not a very good idea and “I’m not buying it.”

Councilman Dave Trinkle suggested that a sign be placed over it saying it was the responsibility of the Taubman museum so everyone won’t be calling the Mayor’s office.

City Manager Darlene Burcham said it was a rotating mural that would be removed no later than March 1, 2010 – oddly the day she retires. The artist will walk around the city then start the mural on September 21. It will depict what he garners from the city and its residents. (Editors note: Can’t wait to see it!!!)

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