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Roanoke City Registrar retiring

Phones ring off the hook in Roanoke City Registrar's Office as number are tallied.

Phones ring off the hook in Roanoke City Registrar’s Office as numbers are tallied in primary.

Registrar Laverne Shepherd will miss the city’s precinct shuffle at the next election. A new Registrar will get that privilege.

For the city of Roanoke according to Laverne Shepherd there were 59 provisional ballots from the November 5 election, 44 were accepted. They went 26 for Mark Obenshain and 18 for Mark Herring in the “tight as a tick” race for attorney general. However 36 of the provisionals were due to electronic poll books in South Roanoke No. 2 (a Republican leaning precinct) malfunction before it was replaced. Otherwise their would have been only 15 provisional ballots and of those 8 were accepted.

Laverne known for her soft patient interaction with voters and candidates is retiring as Registrar in September 2014 after 31 years with the city where she began as a social worker. She became Registrar in 2010. “It’s been amazing,” she said. She and her husband are looking forward to retirement and having time together.

Last night Councilman Sherman Lea said that he expects city council to take up the proposed plan to reduce and eliminate 12 of the city’s 32 precincts. The Roanoke City Electoral Board Secretary, Melvin Williams, has worked on the redrawing of precincts as far back as 2011. The current plan would leave 20 precincts. The move would not require pre-clearance by the DOJ since the U.S. Supreme Court struck the requirement this year. Lea also has not given up on moving May city council elections to November though in past discussions a majority of council expressed opposition for fear of being overshadowed by gubernatorial or Senate elections. Senate elections will be held in November 2014.

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Proposed Roanoke City Precinct Map

Proposed Roanoke City Precinct Map

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