Thursday, April 2, 2009

Roanoke City School Attendance Zone Maps “Locked”

Chairman David Carson, Vice-Chair Jason Bingham

Chairman David Carson, Vice-Chair Jason Bingham

No more slivering small sections to adjust diversity or alleviate overcrowding. “Lock the changes and move forward,” said School Board Chairman, David Carson. Unless something extraordinary happens between now and next Tuesday there will be no more changes. The board voted unanimously to alleviate the overcrowding at Crystal Spring elementary school by moving the south side of Mill Mountain to Garden City and a slice from Franklin to Colonial back to Fishburn.

A Grandin elementary school adjustment was nixed when it was determined that future years would bring overcrowding.

There was discussion by Board Member Jason Bingham who had received multiple emails on moving about 12 elementary students in the Wellington area back to Crystal Spring.

Other comments from board member, Suzanne Moore who said she liked option 3 because she, “was big on feeder patterns.” Moore would like to see flexibility in the transfer policy.
The board then had a discussion on a “transfer policy.” The policy would have a provision for hardship. Any transfer requests would be contingent on available capacity of the receiving school. The parents would have to provide transportation. Should a conflict occur when multiple students are vying to transfer to a school with limited space then seniority at the school would take precedence.

Too much flexibility worried board member Courtney Penn who said, “if we apply the transfer policy too liberally it will become unmanageable.” He was in favor of using it in specific areas and wanted to see a “clear definition of hardship.”
Board Member Mae Huff, said, “we’ve done the best we can … there is just no more tweaking we can do.” Huff emphasized that at this point if you try to rectify a situation in one school it negatively impacts another school somewhere else be it overcrowding or unacceptable socioeconomic results. Board member Courtney Penn reiterated the same thing saying, “you fix one problem in one location it creates one somewhere else.”

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