Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Roanoke County Administrator – 11 Days on the Job

Clay Goodman, Roanoke County Administrator

Clay Goodman, Roanoke County Administrator

The new County Administrator, B. Clayton (Clay) Goodman, III, learned conservative revenue forecasting from his first manager who told him “you can spend a surplus but you can’t spend a deficit.” Goodman plans to be very conservative in his revenue estimates. Goodman committed to having an “open door policy” while speaking to a group of about 20 people at the home of Angie and Barry Beckner Monday evening. This makes the 5th community meeting that Cave Spring District Board member, Charlotte Moore has held at the Beckner’s.

Goodman had to finish out a 90-day notice with Montgomery County before he could take the reins in Roanoke County. He promised to strive to “do the right thing … even when it is hard.”
Goodman wants to lead with a regional approach saying, “we cannot afford to do things on our own anymore … its just too costly.” Reinvention of the way Roanoke County approaches its operations will be his focus. He believes that good environmental policy leads to greater government efficiency.
Daily briefings and meeting with the employees is filling his first days. Goodman says he supports those that provide service “at the street level.” He smiled saying he scared one employee out of his wits when he came in at 2:00 AM to watch him work. Goodman wants to learn each service worker’s function to ensure they have the proper equipment to do their jobs.
A proposed budget is to be presented to the Board at their April 14th meeting. Goodman said that they are making significant cuts and taking one-time funds from other projects to help make it through this year. His real concern is in the year 2011. Vacant positions must go through a review committee prior to being filled. By leaving vacancies they will be able to effectively identify those jobs that can be permanently left unfilled. Currently there are 14 to 15 unfilled positions and he will continue to look for others. There will be no layoffs. Some positions will be back-filled with existing employees. Other position vacancies will occur through attrition.
The County school board voluntarily returned $1 million to help make it through this year. The plan is to hold money in reserve and not put the board in a position to have to make drastic cuts in the year 2011.

Councilman Court Rosen attended and added his praise for Goodman since he had worked with him on issues regarding the property Rosen holds with partners in Christiansburg. He told the Roanoke County residents that they “could not have done better” in having Goodman as their administrator saying “you are his customer.”

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