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Roanoke County Board of Supervisor candidate goes to the dogs

Lang supporters and dog lovers at Waldrond Park.

Lang supporters and dog lovers at Waldrond Park.

Brian Lang Democratic candidate for Roanoke County’s Hollins District held a picnic/dog park rally at Waldrond Park Wednesday to support his proposal to create dog parks in Roanoke County.

Lang is shooting for 4 dog parks but would like to see 6 and have Roanoke County become known for having the highest per capita of dog parks for every 100,000 residents. Portland, Oregon holds that distinction now with 5.7 dog parks.

 “A dog park in Waldrond Park will serve dual purposes of enhancing the local quality of life and increasing local commerce by attracting motorists from nearby I-81,” said Lang. Waldrond Park is just off I-81 and Plantation Road.

He didn’t want people to think that dog parks was the only thing his campaign is about – “far from it” said Lang. This is part of his multi-faceted approach to bring more jobs and more prosperity to the Hollins District. That includes a new library with a co-located farmers to attract businesses to the stretch of Williamson Road between Plantation Road and Hollins University.

Brian Lang

Brian Lang

The vacant commercial buildings like the vacant Hanover Direct building on Hollins Road need filling and it’s time for a new library in the Hollins District. All the other districts are getting new libraries – the Vinton, Catawba and Cave Spring districts – “it’s Hollins turn next,” said Lang.

“If we’re going to be investing millions of dollars to build a new library we ought to put it at a strategic site rather than making it a standalone library.” Lang wants to see a farmer’s market incorporated with it. “Put it on that strip of Williamson Road near Hollins University and Plantation Road to tie the university into the community.”

This would encourage main street style development adjacent to the library. “That use to be a very busy prosperous stretch and it can be again,” he said.

Julie Mall holds Izzy.

Julie Mall holds Izzy.

The dogs drank a lot of water but obediently posed with their owners for a group picture. Little 4-month old Izzy, a Pomeranian/Yorkie mix was a little shy being the smallest dog there. She was held most of the time by Tom and Julie Mall grandparents of Sara Pill, Izzy’s owner.

Other candidates for the Hollins District are Republican Al Bedrosian and independent Gary Jarrell.

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