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Roanoke Delegate Onzlee Ware endorses Terry McAuliffe

Delegate Onzlee Ware

Delegate Onzlee Ware

With less than a week until Virginia’s General Election on November 5, Delegate Onzlee Ware (D-City of Roanoke), announces his endorsement of Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Terry McAuliffe. He stated the following for why he supports Terry:

I have decided to endorse Terry McAuliffe. The 2013 election has proven to be a relentless campaign of negative ads and controversy, and the Commonwealth, and Southwest Virginia, are looking for a fresh start. Our next Governor needs to be able to create new historical legislation that will positively affect the Commonwealth. I believe Terry will lead us in the right direction.

This election will come down to whichever candidate has the best Get Out the Vote campaign, and makes sure that their supporters get to the polls on November 5. Southwest Virginia, in particular the City of Roanoke, has a proven history of voting in state elections. The road to the Governor’s Mansion leads through Southwest Virginia!

My region, geographically, has fewer people than other parts of the state, and for this reason is often times overlooked by state candidates. This includes before, and after, they are elected into office. What was important to me, was Terry visited and talked to community leaders from my region. On October 4, Terry met with twelve pastors and influential leaders from the Roanoke Valley, and made it clear that he would not forget about our region when he is sworn in as Governor. He understands that Southwest Virginia deserves fair representation at the state level, which includes additional appointments to gubernatorial boards.

The Commonwealth will be greatly divided after the Election, and the next Governor will need to be able to work with both parties. As Republicans hold a strong majority in the House, compromise will be necessary to pass legislation. Terry’s business background and experience, will help bring Republicans and Democrats together to pass legislation similar to this year’s historic transportation bill, which he supported during the past Session.

Voters have been slightly turned off leading up to the election, and I believed it was important for me to give my endorsement for Terry McAuliffe. Many voters in my region are skeptical about the next governor, and are looking for their local and state elected officials, and community leaders, to help them make knowledgeable decisions about the candidates.

I am proud to be the first state elected Democrat from Southwest Virginia to endorse Terry for Governor. Republicans depend on Southwest Virginia to be predominately Republican, and every vote for Terry from Southwest Virginia can determine the outcome of the General Election. I ask that my constituents and friends from Southwest Virginia join me in voting for Terry on November 5.

I look forward to working with Virginia’s next governor, Terry McAuliffe, during the 2014 Session.

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