Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Roanoke Economic Development on Countryside Golf Course revival

Response to interested parties in running Countryside Golf Course lends no helping hand. Is this standard operating procedure for economic development in Roanoke City? Sorry no can do …

Hello _____ –

Getting back to you today regarding your questions that we discussed last week. Here is the update:

1) Meadowbrook’s lease terminated at 5pm last Friday. They performed a final walk-thru on 3/11/10 so that’s probably what you saw out there. The facility will now be boarded up, access points blocked, and signs put up stating the property is closed to public use.

2) Our lease agreement with the airport authority is also terminated notice given and accepted). This lease would now have to be renegotiated and that cost would be passed through to your operation. Our former least rate was $18,000/year but a new rate could be higher. It should be noted here that the authority may not really wish to lease this to the city any longer and you are correct in your statement that they will definitely notlease it to anyone else.

3) The sinkhole is a result of apparent drainage pipe failure and the estimate you shared with me is fairly accurate. The city will seal the hole by anchoring a plate over the top and not repair it since we are not quite sure what the next use will be.

4) We don’t see anything needed code-wise as long as the use doesn’t change. Everything should be up to code.

Other issues:

– The driving range needs upgrading and the city will not allow that activity in its current condition. This upgrade would have to be done at no cost to the city.

– Insurance would need to be in place for operating liability which indemnifies the city.

With all this being the case, ____, and as we discussed there is no equipment of any kind, no supplies, no carts, etc., I am afraid this may not look too good to your potential investors. To get this fully operational, in good condition, get leases in place, and fully re-equipped (and at no cost to the city….and for a one-year lease) is a monumental task.

I apologize for the gloomy response, and on a Monday too, but wanted you to be aware of this information as soon as possible. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


Rob Ledger
Economic Development Manager
117 Church Avenue, SW
Roanoke, VA 24011
(O) 540-853-2715

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