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Roanoke’s Mayor gets no credit for initiative to ban K-2

Bowers in the catbird seat

Salem City council on Monday adopted a resolution to ask the General Assembly to ban K-2 also know as “Spice” at its 2011 session. The substance is a marijuana substitute or “synthetic marijuana.”

It is believed that it was first used as a spray on dried flowers and tobacco. When smoked it is many times more potent than marijuana. It not only results in a high for the inhaler but it can cause dangerous side effects that include vomiting, hallucinations and seizures. The compound has never been tested and is banned almost entirely in Europe.

Here in the U.S. – states are just now beginning to ban the substance. It is an arduous state by state process. Virginia has to wait for the General Assembly to enact the ban in the 2011 session.

Roanoke County was the first to adopt a resolution to ask the GA to outlaw K-2 and Salem City has now followed suit. So where is Roanoke City on this?

The October 18 council meeting had adoption of the legislative package for the 2011 session on the agenda. There was no mention of K-2 in it.

The Roanoke Times printed an entire article about Mike Altizer’s recommendation to add banning K-2 to the county’s legislative package. Another Roanoke Times article on Salem City’s action appeared in Tuesday’s edition.

The October 18 Roanoke city council meeting article by Mason Adams had not one word about Bowers attempt to get consensus from his silent colleagues.  He asked for a similar resolution to Roanoke City’s legislative package.

If it were not for Bowers bringing it up Roanoke city council would be portrayed as inattentive at best and incompetent at worst.

Mayor Bowers is chastised by The Roanoke Times for perceived missteps and ridiculed for his love affair with the camera. They even envy his precision ribbon-cutting skills.

What they really can’t understand is why Roanoker’s like the Mayor and they don’t – especially the editorial board. I’d wager my lottery winning in a bet that the RTEB will endorse whoever Bowers’ opponent is in the next election.

The November 1 council meeting should have on the agenda such a resolution as Bowers requested. The agenda comes out on Thursday.

The grim reaper turns on Mayor Bowers

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