Monday, February 23, 2009

Rosen Offers To Help Market Vendors Move

Councilman Court Rosen declares that the City will help the Market vendors find another place and “help them move.” Appearing on “In The News” with Craig Wright Colonel Robert Craig, DRI president Bill Carder, and Councilman Court Rosen debated the Market building for an hour. The episode has aired twice on Cox channel 9.
During the debate Colonel Craig said that the City owes the vendors “ethically” for the many years they have put into their businesses in the Market building. The vendors are the ones that have stuck with the building – bringing it to life all these years.
Carder and Craig spoke of it having been a “butcher shop” at one time and functioning as a “farmers market” in the early 1900s. The point Carder was making is that it should be a market as it was in the early days.
Rosen in response said he was not around in the early 1900s and had no sense of the history of the Market building as Carder and Craig seemed to have – in a joking way and guessing he was referring to his youth. Rosen then responded to Colonel Craig’s comment that the city owed the vendors “ethically” saying that the City would find the vendors another place to operate and the city would “move them” while renovations took place. This indicates that it would be at the City’s expense. Carder than said the cost could be worked into the financing some how.
POINT: I don’t remember such an offer being presented to the vendors. Is this news to the City Manager? – other members of Council?

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