Friday, March 28, 2008

Rubert Cutler Wants Countryside Developed

The Roanoke Times Editorial Board has spoken. Dr. Rupert Cutler is their choice. This is the same man who made fun of the Countryside residents in Northwest when he was on Council. He and Fitzpatrick joked about us “seeing all kinds of flying things” out here at the airport. We would see birds and airplanes and we would all be happy, ignorant citizens. We pleaded for the wildlife here. He is a preservationist when it is convenient for his agenda. All hail to the Editorial Board – I will be kneeling before them on April 17th to receive the blessing from these gods. I know you all have seen the movie “A Christmas Story”. The part where Ralphie is hanging on to the top of the sliding board making his plea for the Red Rider Rifle “triple action” something or other like that. Santa Claus put his foot on Ralphie’s head and sends him down the slide saying “you’ll shoot your eye out, kid”! Well I fully expect the Editorial Board to put their foot on my “head” or some other part of my anatomy and say “no hope for you – oh ye commoner unworthy of our endorsement”. Well let the people have the last laugh for a change … show them and VOTE on May 6th.
Check my signs going up and a sample at my GARNER FOR COUNCIL BLOG.

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April 1st, 2008 at 12:32 AM    

Sounds more like the Third Reich than the Fourth Estate.

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