Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rumors of a Cuccinelli run for governor in 2013 dispelled

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli June 2009

Speculation and rumors ran rampant with the Richmond Times-Dispatch artical posted at 2:00 a.m. this morning by eagle eye Ben Tribbett on his blog Not Larry Sabato.

Even former State Senator Brandon Bell weighed in on NLS (confirmed to be Bell) saying:

“Cuccinelli will definitely run for Governor. He could care less about Bolling or anyone else for that matter. There will be no primary in 2013 it will be a convention. Ken’s other move to have the convention filing fee raised to $50,000 is a move to prevent someone (a moderate) other than Bolling from getting in the race. He battles head to head for the far right and he wins the nomination. A more moderate third candidate might pull off the upset if they got in. Both of these action tells me he is definitely in! “

Later in an e-mail Bell said that he “thought from the day Ken became AG he would be running. Watched him from the floor of the Senate and I think I know what drives him….and it ain’t patience.”

Noah Wall, Cuccinelli’s Political Director responded to my inquiry on the rumor – especially in light of yesterday’s press release on the Cuccinelli coordinators and surrogates spreading out across the state.

Per Wall in an e-mail: “Ken is focusing on his job as Attorney General at the moment, and I think the statements he made yesterday clearly reflect that. Our efforts to line up coordinators reflect Ken’s commitment to maintaining the wonderful grassroots support he received during his campaign last year and our efforts to keep our supporters in the loop with what Ken is doing in the AG’s office.”

Brandon Bell’s assessment shared by many still leaves the rumor and speculation on the radar screen.

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