Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Safety First!

Roanoke City is having financial troubles. Not news to you who pay attention. Everyone will pay attention more as they watch their house burn down waiting for a fire crew. Did you hear they are cutting fire personel and an engine at station 13 on Peters Creek? When times are tough we all have to tighten our belts – we know that. BUT Roanoke City sacrifices the safety of it’s citizens. It can, however, find money to give $880K to help a private developer refurbish the Hancock building for apartments. It can hire yet another consulting team to “site” the amphitheater. If we just had the money that has been paid to all the consultants we could keep our city safe. I know we do need a consultant as the city does not have the expertise in some areas but by gosh if you hire one then LISTEN to them. We pay a Commissioner of Revenue $100K a year to NOT collect business license revenue to the tune of $1mil as report by WDBJ7.
The first reason that governments were formed was to keep the people safe. If you don’t have safety, you don’t have a city – you have a jungle. We build and build but cut and cut services. That coveted tax base the city keeps saying we need by “building on every square inch” comes at a price and we better start realizing this fact. We have to provide services to these new developments and businesses – is there a net gain?
I sure would like to know how a firetruck is expected to get up Peakwood Drive to the new Boone & Company’s Wilton development. I hope there is no fire at these new $500K homes – good luck getting services up there.
Next years budget comes up for a Public Hearing on May 1st at 7:00 PM in Council Chambers. All should be there.

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