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Sale Of Acre Of Countryside – Monday Council Meeting

This is the first indication of the size of the TRANE expansion. Contacting Brian Townsend last week he said there were no plans submitted as requested by Council. Needless to say I will be at the meeting. My question is HOW can anyone say if it interferes with play or not with NO plan available to view. Meadowbrook wants to keep the lease and make the City happy so they can keep operating the golf course reaping the nice profit for themselves. So the fact that they are not objecting is clear. They don’t care what happens to the golf course in the future because THEY DON’T OWN IT anymore. Let us see if Council’s request to view the plans is honored and IF NOT will they just go with the flow of the business need and risk this city-owned asset’s future operation as a viable golf course. The City nor Council has committed to the golf course. This sale should be tabled until COUNCIL GOES TO VIEW the property. The stakes have been in place for many months and not one Council member has bothered to check the property. This is a test for the new Councilman Alvin Nash – a golfer and advocate for Countryside Golf Course. Let us see if he falls to the majority on this. It will tell us allot about his previous letter to Council asking to save the golf course and for the city to reap the profits.

Newbern Properties, LLC has expressed an interest to purchase a 1.05 Acre Tract of City-owned land identified as Tax Map #6472302 located at Countryside Golf Course in order to accommodate a 13,000 to 14,000 square foot expansion of the Trane Distribution Center. The offer of $55,000 equals the value of the property determined by an independent appraisal conducted by the City. Upon consultation with the golf course manager, Meadowbrook Colf, it has been determined that the conveyance of this 1.05 acre tract will have no adverse impact on course operations.
Recommended Action:
Authorize the City Manager to execute such further action as may be necessary to accomplish the above matter, including execution of a deed and to complete the sale of the property to Newbern Properties, LLC. All such documents are to be approved as to form by the City Attorney.

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April 5th, 2008 at 1:32 AM    

Countryside people, this sale smells.

Valerie is right on target when she writes of Meadowbrook’s interest in the Countryside property. They don’t own it. They draw from it.

It seems to me that before a property like that (a great buy at $55,000 for prime frontage) there should be study, plans, and public comment on the study and plans.

As a person who has played at Countryside since the course was built in 1967, I can tell you that losing the land inside the staked area beside the par 3 third hole will have a HUGE negative impact on the hole and the course. It will constrict the play of the hole by forcing shots down a narrow chute that lives between the widened frontage road to the right and the new expanded distribution center to the left. Tiger Woods might have the accuracy needed to master that hole without inflicting damage, the casual golfer-the kind that the city should be courting to play the course will loathe the revised hole.

A friend of mine suggested, however, that he is looking forward to playing the ricochet off the expanded distribution center. He can’t wait for his first “Happy Gilmore” hole-in-one.

This potential sale by the city is an extremely bad idea. City Council must turn it down.

Pssst…there’s a huge, modern, abandoned business complex already in place (Johnson and Johnson’s Egg factory) within two solid driver shots from Trane’s side porch that’s just begging to be a “Distribution Center.”


April 5th, 2008 at 1:43 AM    

You know I did proofread my comment, but I missed this until I read the comment after I posted…The second real paragraph should read…

“It seems to me that before a property like that (a great buy at $55,000 for prime frontage) is considered for sale, there should be plans and study, as well as public comment on the plans and study.”

…sorry for the inconvenience. :)


April 5th, 2008 at 2:00 AM    

You are forgiven as you speak the truth.

This evening Mr. Wishneff said he was very aware of the promise and thanked me for reminding him. The one’s I expect to “remember” are Wishneff, Lea, and the others SHOULD too. Mr. Nash of ALL people – I would fully expect him to understand what you so accurately posted. I hope Mr. Nash does not disappoint.


April 6th, 2008 at 5:08 PM    

As an officer for the golfer’s association at Counryside, can Alvin Nash vote without creating a conflict? Will council ask him to refrain from voting on ANY Countryside issues?


April 6th, 2008 at 6:37 PM    

Good question – however the association is just a group of Countryside members. Though Mr. Nash still plays here I don’t think it could be called a “conflict of interest”. If that be the case the Trinkle should abstain from voting on the Amphitheatre as it directly effects his business “Spoon on the Avenue” in South Roanoke –

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