Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Salem has a fox in the hen house

Whether you think that chickens belong within the city limits of Salem or any other city is not the point of this post. It is about what can happen to unsupervised chickens.

On the now defunct Countryside Golf Course neighbors became aware of the city’s code allowing chickens within Roanoke city limits. You are allowed 10 chickens they must be couped within a certain distance from another residence. Of course the coup and fenced area must be adequate as well.

Neighbors became aware of a hen house nearby after being befuddled by “clucking” noises they could not pin point. Finally they realized a neighbor had acquired chickens which they learned were allowed – no problem.

All who have played golf at Countryside are aware of the red fox that has made his home here for as long as they can remember. A very smart fox he was/is.  

Neighbors have spotted this sleek, shiny red-coated thief in their driveways, patios and yards. He was our mascot until his den was destroyed by the Roanoke Airport authority. They cleared all vegetation and hiding spots for fox, turkey, hawks and other foul.

Some neighbors think they have spotted the red fox since but that is questionable. We sure miss him/her.

We will never forget the mystery of the disappearing chickens. Very early one morning a neighbor called demanding that I run to my front window. Sure enough there was the red fox with a chicken struggling in his mouth sauntering down the middle of the street with head held high. The doomed chicken was hopelessly flapping its wings – a indisputable meal for the fox.

Soon one by one the chickens disappeared and they were no more. I wonder if the owners ever realized what happened to their chickens. 

Salemites have foxes in their hen house but they are the two-legged kind. CHICKEN COMPLAINTS IN THE CITY OF SALEM.

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