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Sam Rasoul for Roanoke City Mayor?

Sam Rasoul 2008 candidate for congress.

Sam Rasoul 2008 candidate for congress.

UPDATE Thursday 10:00 a.m.:  Councilman Sherman Lea confirmed “again” Thursday morning in a email that he was “not” running for Mayor.

Rumors are milling about that Sam Rasoul 2008 Democratic candidate for the 6th congressional district is contemplating a run for Mayor. When at first the phone call came yesterday I dismissed it as a “say what?” A “pardon me” to my friend but I thought he/she was out of their mind. It was from a source in the know they said.

Rasoul is now CFO of Kissito Healthcare and in 2008 was a resident of Botetourt County. That in itself made this information implausible. Nevertheless I called and emailed Mr. Rasoul. As the source stated I asked him if he was announcing for Mayor today December 14 as was inferred.

The answer came today that this was not the case but with a follow-up that he and his family had moved to the city of Roanoke. There again I attempted to get a response – “Are you thinking about running for Mayor” though not announcing at the moment. No answer to a phone call or email making it all the more intriguing.

In a call to Roanoke City Democratic Chair JoAnn Edmunds she confirmed she had heard the rumor too but there has been no paperwork filed.

If true this sure would throw a monkey-wrench into the expected uneventful May elections.

Over at the Blue Ridge Caucus Mason Adams has thrown out a “Cuccinelli” scenario regarding Councilman Sherman Lea’s intent to “stand down” on his ambition to run for Mayor. Lea has publicly stated he was not running for Mayor and I understood from Lea he had made his retirement decision some time ago.

My goodness if Lea changed his mind now after Mayor Bowers in his re-election announcement called him a “good friend” then we will have a “Cuccinelli sitcom”  on our hands.

For background to those that haven’t heard – Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli stated publicly that he would not run for governor in 2013. Lt. Governor Bill Bolling is next in line for that throne in a deal made with Gov. Bob McDonnell in 2009. Cuccinelli changed his mind and admitted last week that he would run for governor in 2013 stepping all over Mr. Bolling’s assent to the throne. (Read about that here)

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