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Sam Rasoul in 5-way contest for 11th district HOD nomination

Sam Rasoul and wife Layaly

Sam Rasoul and wife Layaly

Half the salary he receives as delegate will go back to local charities pledged Sam Rasoul at his announcement Monday.

Dr. Marylen Harmon, Rasoul’s third grade teacher said Sam would cross cultural and racial divides. “This was a good diverse group today” said Dr. Harmon as she surveyed the diverse culture of the 50 people gathered at Thelma’s Chicken and Waffles.

Rasoul said he was pleased to have diverse support – “not just the color of our skin but our backgrounds … people from all socioeconomic classes that really represent all quadrants of the city and that’s what I’m about.”

Delegate Onzlee Ware announced Thursday that he was resigning his House of Delegates seat, citing his mother’s health as the primary reason. Rasoul thanked Ware for his years of service, his work to bring Amtrak to Roanoke and vowed to continue legislating using his example.

Dr. Marylen Harmon

Dr. Marylen Harmon

Economic equality was one of three main points he will emphasize in his campaign he said. Rasoul recounted his school days when he was embarrassed by being on “free lunch” but with help he was able to achieve success. He added that equality of healthcare, gender and sexual orientation was just as important. His second campaign point was education. The SOLs didn’t allow teachers to teach “like Dr. Harmon taught me,” he said. His third point was cooperation, civil discourse and working with Republicans who represent other parts of Southwest Virginia. “We have to get things done.”

Sam Rasoul was raised in Roanoke and comes from a family of small business owners. Sam has worked in the non-profit healthcare industry as CFO of Kissito Heathcare, Inc. and as COO of the International Nongovernmental Organization Kissito Healthcare International. He holds an M.B.A. with a focus in International Business from Hawaii Pacific University. He is currently a small business consultant.

Sam_Rasoul_webHe and his wife, Layaly, have three children and live in the Northwest area of Roanoke City. He ran unsuccessfully for congress against Rep. Bob Goodlatte in 2008 and for Roanoke City mayor in 2012 losing to incumbent Mayor David Bowers in a Democratic Primary.

Councilman Dave Trinkle will announce his candidacy Wednesday at 11:15 in Elmwood Park Williamson Road side. Vice Mayor Court Rosen, Trish White-Boyd and Keith Wheaton are also vying for the Democratic nomination. Sheriff Octavia Johnson is the only Republican who has said she is running for the seat. Johnson lost to Tim Allen Nov. 5 sheriff’s contest.

The Roanoke City Democratic Committee will vote Thursday on holding a “caucus” on December 7 and identify the time and the place.

Octavia Johnson announces her candidacy for the 11th district HOD

Keith L. Wheaton enters the Democratic contest for 11th HOD seat

Trish White-Boyd vies for the 11th district HOD Democratic nomination

Dave Trinkle receives endorsements for HOD Democratic nomination


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Comments (3)

Jill Elswick

November 20th, 2013 at 7:18 PM    

I support Sam Rasoul, as do many of my friends. He’s an incredible talent — very astute on public policy and focused and problem-solving thinker. He’s just what Roanoke needs! Please give Sam Rasoul your support.

Terry Huxhold

November 20th, 2013 at 10:24 PM    

Sam Rasoul is one great man and will serve Roanoke very well in the House of Delegates. He is very up to date on the concerns of the people, unlike most other candidates he shows up to community meetings and other events all the time, not just at election time. He has always taken to time to listen to anyone who wants to talk with him. We need Sam Rasoul in Richmond.

Bobbi A. Hoffman

November 22nd, 2013 at 11:39 AM    

I’m proud to support Sam Rasoul for my next delegate to the Virginia House of Delegates.

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