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Sarvis’ first TV ad airs during Cuccinelli/McAuliffe debate

McA_Cucc-300x118Look for the Libertarian candidate for Virginia governor, Robert Sarvis’ TV ad during the debate tonight. Terry McAuliffe will be trying to do no damage and make no gaffs to maintain his 5-8 point lead in the polls. Ken Cuccinelli knows he has to make up ground and will try to call McAuliffe out.

Debate starts a 7:00 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 25 streaming here:

It may be a very nasty debate that will be moderated by Chuck Todd, NBC News’ Chief White House Correspondent. He is known for pushing the candidates to answer the questions. Todd also follows up with a question of his own if the rules permit.

Sarvis is counting on dissatisfaction for both candidates. There is a lot of that for sure. Cuccinelli’s extreme views on social issues especially women’s health is hurting his poll numbers. Polls show women going for McAuliffe by 26 points over Cuccinelli and they vow to vote after the Virginia General Assembly gutted health clinics ability to stay open if they perform abortions.

People are becoming more tolerant since the 1996 vote to place into Virginia’s constitution that marriage is between one man and one woman. Some say a vote today in Virginia would yield the opposite result.

Look for Cuccinelli to defend accusations of involvement in Star Scientific where he received $18,000 of perks from the CEO. He has since donated that money to charity but it took him a long time to do so. He also will be defending his purchase of $10,000 worth of stock in the company and accusations the AGO office interfered with a natural gas lawsuit in SWVA.

McAuliffe is not without controversy. Primarily with his fledgling slow starting electric car company GreenTech and a SEC investigation on alleged claims that the company guaranteed returns to the investors. He also has sought overseas investors through a federal program that allows foreigners to gain special visas if they contribute at least $500,000 to create U.S. jobs.

McAuliffe is flamboyant but has curbed that persona under the tight control of his campaign handlers. That has left him with some vague canned responses during campaign debates. He is never off script even one on one with voters which has lead to the dumbing down of enthusiasm. Voters like to feel a personal connection with a candidate.

McAuliffe has the women’s and the progressive’s vote. Some though say they will hold their nose at the ballot box. McAuliffe has the money – after all that was his job as chair of the DNC. He has been endorsed by many former Virginia Republican moderate office holders. They cite his business acumen.

There will be another debate in Blacksburg hosted jointly by WDBJ–7 and Virginia Tech on October 24. Their last chance to make their case to voters and it should be explosive.

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