Friday, June 19, 2009

Saying Good-bye to Joyce Johnson and Sheila Hartman

Sheila Hartman and Joyce Johnson

Sheila Hartman and Joyce Johnson

Today there was pizza, cake, punch and smiles as citizens were invited to share and say their good-byes to Joyce Johnson, the Mayor’s secretary and Sheila Hartman, the Deputy Clerk. The party was held from 11:30 AM until 1:30 PM in the EOC (room 159) in the Municipal Building.

Hartman is retiring from the Clerk’s office and her last day is Monday. Johnson has not decided yet when her last day will be. “I may work until the end of the month,” she said.

Johnson worries how all the little details will be handled after she leaves. Like her letter to Governor Tim Kaine to have Lulu Rollan made an honorary Virginian when she comes to a Roanoke retirement center in October. Rollins, the former Hee Haw  star is an avid supporter and fundraiser for Alzheimer’s.

Johnson is disappointed in Council’s vote on June 1. She had hoped that with Hartman’s retirement there was an opening so she could stay another year. But today she was upbeat taking pictures and greeting all who came in the door.

Former Mayor Nelson Harris was the first to arrive and dig into the pizza and cake. Harris is relaxed these days and does not miss the political scene one bit he said.

Not  far behind was current Mayor David Bower and it wasn’t but a few minutes before the two were chatting it up like old friends.

Bowers gave a little speech and big hugs to both Hartman and Johnson. He presented Johnson with a gift of a picture frame assuming his picture would go in it.

He is preparing for his ride on the back of a troopers motorcycle to lead the “Parade of Flags” when 2000 Harley’s will take off from the Sheraton on Frontage Road and rumble down to Elmwood Park. Bowers said he is going to hang on tight to that motorcycle but not the trooper. The trooper will be a man. Here’s hoping for no “Bowers road kill.”

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