Friday, September 20, 2013

Sen. Kaine and Rep. Griffith differ on EPA future power plant rules

U.S. Senator Tim Kaine

U.S. Senator Tim Kaine

“This summer, I asked EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy to release separate carbon standards for new coal and gas power plants to reflect key differences in those technologies. I appreciate that the EPA has done so and will now begin a dialogue with constituents and energy experts to determine whether the announced standards fairly balance environmental stewardship with economic and technological realities.

“We have an obligation to reduce carbon emissions in a way that makes economic sense. We can do this by encouraging American innovation. As I explore the proposed rule, I will work with all stakeholders to make sure our regulatory approach does just that.”

Kaine’s July letter to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy calling for separate standards for coal-fired and gas-fired plants is available here.

Rep. Morgan Griffith statement on regulations to set greenhouse gas New Source Performance Standards for new coal-fired power plants:

“Current federal policies, let alone the regulation announced today, are devastating the economy of the Ninth District of Virginia.  Each week, our region must absorb the devastating impacts of the Administration’s war on coal.  This assault, though targeting the coal industry, affects us all.  It’s not just those working in the coal fields that suffer – also suffering are industries that rely on coal mines.

“This EPA regulation would require a new coal-fired power plant to use technologies that are not yet available in the marketplace.  These regulations will fulfill one of the President’s promises from his 2008 campaign, and send our electric rates sky-high.  President Obama also admitted in 2008 that the cost of these policies will be passed on to consumers.  We all know who those people are.  Those ‘consumers’ are hard-working, middle-class Americans.

“I strongly urge President Obama and EPA Administrator McCarthy to declare a ceasefire in the war on coal and stop the regulatory assault on America’s power sector, related businesses, and hard-working American people.”

Griffith questioned EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy at a September 18, 2013 Energy and Power Subcommittee hearing.  Video can be seen here.

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