Thursday, April 13, 2017

Sen. Kaine’s statement on President Trump asking for more Federal Agency cuts

Sen. Tim Kaine

WASHINGTON, D.C. –U.S. Senator Tim Kaine yesterday following the Trump Administration’s directive lifting the federal hiring freeze on government agencies recognized that though the hiring freeze was lifted the Administration has directed agencies to submit plans for long-term cuts to their workforce.

Kaine stated, “It was a mistake for President Trump to impose a federal hiring freeze without first assessing the needs of federal agencies. As a result, our government’s ability to carry out basic functions, like processing Social Security benefits in a timely manner, helping small businesses with their paperwork, and ensuring our veterans are getting prompt care at VA facilities was hampered. Virginians and people across the nation made their voices heard about their concerns with this ineffective decision, and I’m glad to see the freeze lifted,” Kaine said. “However, it is disappointing that the Trump Administration is proposing significant cuts to several federal agencies and directing agencies to submit plans to downsize.  The vast majority of our federal workers across the nation – including the more than 170,000 federal workers in Virginia – are hardworking public servants. The Administration should work with our federal workforce – not against them – to achieve efficiency.”

Last month, Kaine, along with 16 other Senators, sent a letter to President Trump calling on him to reconsider his decision to halt all hiring in key government agencies.

Gov. Terry Mcauliffe stated, “President Trump’s hiring freeze was a misguided policy that damaged the ability of federal agencies to serve the American people. It also posed a significant threat to the Virginia economy as many of the workers impacted by that policy call our Commonwealth home. I was a vocal opponent of this policy and I am pleased to see it end – however that positive step is negated by the drastic cuts the President announced today.

“Today’s announcement indicates that the President is pursuing a course that could be even more damaging than the hiring freeze, both to this Commonwealth and to our entire nation. Slashing the federal workforce in the manner the President has proposed will hamstring functions of government, harm employee morale and deal a serious blow to the Virginia economy. There is no question that we should be finding ways to make government less costly and more efficient at every level – but the President’s proposal seems more focused on advancing his political agenda than the interests of American taxpayers.”

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