Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Senate Democrats respond to Virginia Association of Counties on budget impasse

RICHMOND – Earlier today, the Virginia Association of Counties (VACo) held a press conference calling on the Senate to pass a budget immediately because of fears that local governments will not be able to “craft a local budget with accuracy.”

From 2001 to 2008, the General Assembly missed its scheduled budget deadline five out of seven times. This year we find ourselves in a similar situation.

We remain committed to creating a budget that meets the needs of all Virginians, lays the foundation for our children’s future, and finds sustainable solutions to the transportation crisis.

Recent history proves that local governments have been largely unaffected by previous budget disagreements. State funding for the current year is stable through July 1. That’s 116 days from now. That leaves almost four months for Republicans and Democrats to reach a compromise on the budget — and Senate Democrats are committed to working with Republicans to create a budget that includes all Virginians, not just some.

  • In 2001, with Republicans controlling the General Assembly and the Governorship, differences on the car tax derailed the budget process completely, with negotiations lasting into June.
  • In 2004, disagreement between the House and the Senate meant the budget was not resolved for almost two months past the Senate’s scheduled deadline.
  • In 2006, no budget was agreed upon for 102 days, more than 3 months past the Senate’s scheduled deadline.
  • In 2008, every single Republican Senator voted against the budget, disagreeing with Democrats over pre-kindergarten funding and pay raises for public employees, resulting in a budget five days after deadline.

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