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Senator Creigh Deeds had an ace up his sleeve – video



Everyone seemed to be worried about the polls but Democratic candidate for Governor Creigh Deeds. How long has he had this ace up his sleeve?

At the Roanoker restaurant last Saturday I mumbled something about the polls and Deeds calmly said he wasn’t worried about that. He seemed very relaxed – too relaxed being behind double digits in most polls.

Even the most progressive pundits were ceding to a Republican gubernatorial win for Bob McDonnell. Then came the thesis. No matter it was written 20 years ago it was a slap in the face to any woman who has encountered the unpleasant attitude of men in the work place – a “you shouldn’t be here” attitude. You may be a woman who was told that your position was being eliminated because Joe over there has a family to feed. That being the only reason you got the boot. You may have been literally chased around the desk before that pesky “sexual harassment” law came into being.

On Monday McDonnell sent out testimonials of eight women defending McDonnell with statements like:

“As the former head of “Virginians for Mark Warner”, and a pro-choice woman …Bob has always respected and supported working women and will continue to do so,” said Judy Ford Wason of Williamsburg.

McDonnell held a 90-minute press conference. The thesis overshadowed his four-part education plan he has been promoting throughout the state.

Deeds was just a couple hours behind McDonnell with another attack saying that “It’s not often you see someone claim that they misquoted themselves in their own written work.”

“Despite Bob McDonnell’s stunning repudiation of his own agenda and 20-year legislative record, he still hasn’t answered the simple questions that were posed to him repeatedly. What positions has he changed his mind about, when did he change them, and why?

“The fact is for 20 years, Bob McDonnell has promoted a social agenda that is outside of the mainstream. It’s what he wrote his thesis about, and it’s how he’s legislated. He just hoped no one would notice while he was running for governor.”

The Washington Post released the thesis. It is reminiscent of the boost Deeds received from them in an editorial that turned the tide for Deeds in the primary. Deeds distributed another WaPo scathing editorial that read in part:

The thesis is a wistful ode to a bygone 1950s America, when, Mr. McDonnell noted, 70 percent of American families were led by working fathers and homemaker mothers, and “every state in the union made sexual intercourse between unmarried persons a crime.” Sounding at times like an Old Testament prophet, Mr. McDonnell wrote that government must discriminate in favor of married couples and against “cohabitators, homosexuals or fornicators,” for “[t]he cost of sin should fall on the sinner not the taxpayer.”

Conservative pundits have compared McDonnell’s thesis to Sen. Jim Webb’s book that held the opinion that women were not fit for combat conditions. This didn’t help McDonnell much. Webb’s dated beliefs were a far cry from this thesis – not even close.

The following is a short clip of McDonnell at National College commencement in June of this year where he said after long nights and many degrees  his wife told him, “your next degree is going to be a divorce degree.” It was a joke as was his 4.0 GPA humor.


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