Saturday, July 16, 2011

Senator Ralph Smith’s preemptive strike

Senator Smith signs pledge.

The Republican’ Mass meeting was held Saturday morning in an unairconditioned Cave Spring High School auditorium. Senator Ralph Smith running in the 19th Senate district turned the heat up a notch anyway. 

I’m sure you remember that Smith’s 22nd district was pulled out from under him. He didn’t think twice (well maybe twice) about moving to the 19th giving Senator Bill Stanley a shove to the 20th district.

It seems just the hint of a Democratic opponent got his juices going. Smith sat in the front row two seats from me with no one else around. It seems my little post about the Democrat John Lichtenstein “contemplating” a run in the 19th put him in campaign strike mode.

I’m sure I had a grin on my face as the Senator looked straight at me asking, “What is a Philadelphia lawyer going to say to the Floyd County voters” and “How are they going to understand his style in Wythe County?”

He grinned when he passed me to sit down saying, “you know I had to say that.”

Sen. Ralph Smith gives me a look.

Smith’s other remarks went down memory lane to his time as Roanoke City Mayor. He believes that if a conservative Republican can win in Roanoke City then either of the two conservatives challenging Democrat Senator John Edwards can win in November. He was referring to Delegate Dave Nutter and Tripp Godsey who will face off in an August 23 primary.

Smith also said to a few audible moans that “it is possible the you can eliminate all Democrats in the Virginia Senate this November.” A lofty goal at best.

All unopposed local Roanoke County Republican’s were officially nominated as candidates. They included Randy Leach Roanoke County Commonwealth Attorney, Kevin Hutchins Treasurer, Carla Bream challenging Democrat Nancy Horn for Commissioner of Revenue, David Drake challenging incumbent Independent Joe “Butch” Church for Catawba district Board of Supervisors, and George Assaid challenging incumbent Independent Charlotte Moore in the Cave Spring district.

No one has yet stepped up for Roanoke County Sheriff but the chair, Mike Bailey will have the authority to approve a nomination if a candidate is found.

Listen up Democrats and Independents – Delegate Greg Habeeb is itching for a challenger. I’d do it myself but I’m not in his district – lucky for him!

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Mitch Bupp

July 16th, 2011 at 6:08 PM    

Smith is just another POS republican killing jobs and lower wages so he and others can profit while you lose your ass …..

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