Friday, June 8, 2012

Senior District Judge Thomas F. Hogan on vitriolic attacks against the courts

An interview with Senior District Judge Thomas Hogan included his concern over attacks on the judiciary. He talks about the need to replace unsafe courthouses and the need for additional bankruptcy judgeships. There are no funds and with budgetary hurdles of PAYGO it will make it even more difficult. Read the entire interview HERE.

Q: What are your goals as Director of the Administrative Office? 

A: Given the present economic climate, my long-term goal is to assure that the Judiciary remains able to perform its critical functions. As Director, I believe the AO must continue to evolve to meet the changing needs of the Judicial Branch.

However, my concerns go beyond the potential impact of funding shortfalls on court operations. There is the issue of our independence. We recently have witnessed unusually vitriolic attacks against the courts in general, and specific judges, for decisions they have made. As judges, we certainly expect criticism of our decisions from time to time. However, the decibel level and the nature and tone of these criticisms has gone beyond what I think is reasonable and productive. I hope we will return to our nation’s tradition of robust yet civil discourse.

I am committed to the AO’s continued leadership and support in helping the Judicial Branch maintain our tradition of excellence. I am proud of the AO and its work. I think we will see our staff at their best in these challenging times. And I am convinced that we are up to the task before us.

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