Thursday, March 16, 2017

Sens. Warner, Kaine, Gov. Mcauliffe, Lt. Gov. Northam say Trump Admin budget hurts Virginia

See details of Pres. Trump’s federal budget CLICK HERE.

Governor Terry McAuliffe: “As we continue to assess the impact of President Trump’s budget proposal, which amounts to a $54 billion cut to non-defense programs, it is clear that this budget is more about keeping misguided political promises than creating opportunity for Americans or making them safer.

“Eliminating federal support to clean up the Chesapeake Bay, doing away with the Appalachian Regional Commission and slashing investments in community development, affordable housing, home weatherization, and heating assistance will do significant harm to Virginia families and our economy. As will the President’s stated goal of gutting the federal workforce.

“Additionally, spending Americans’ hard-earned tax dollars on an unnecessary and impractical border wall is political pandering that will divert resources and focus from homeland security functions that actually work.

“If President Trump is serious about making our country a better and safer place to live, I urge him to look to states like Virginia. We balance our budgets and we spend taxpayer dollars on priorities that work, not political pandering that will harm our economy and the families we serve.”

Lt. Governor Ralph Northam: Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam: “President Trump’s budget proposal demonstrates a fundamental disconnect between his administration’s priorities and Virginia’s values. I am particularly disappointed by the total elimination of funding to clean up the Chesapeake Bay. As an Eastern Shore native, I know protecting the Bay has both economic and environmental impacts.

My office will continue to review President Trump’s budget proposal in detail in the coming days. And I will work with Governor Terry McAuliffe and our Congressional leaders to advocate for Virginia’s values and priorities in the federal budget.”

Sen. Mark Warner: “This budget proposal from President Trump does not reflect a balanced approach. Instead, it includes many short-sighted choices that if implemented could actually harm our country’s strength and long-term growth. The Trump budget proposes to dramatically slash public investments in programs like early childhood education, job training, scientific research, and the protection of economic and natural resources like the Chesapeake Bay. We should be serious about addressing the fiscal issues in our country and work together to address the impact that the across-the-board spending cuts have had on the military and our national security.  However, the roadmap the President has laid out does not meet those goals. I urge him to commit to working with Congress to take a more responsible, businesslike approach – one that also respects the role of smart investments in our nation’s economic future.”

Sen. Tim Kaine: “Budgets show us a President’s priorities, and based on what President Trump released today, I’m concerned that he’s continuing to push policies that would hurt Virginians. While I support the Administration’s commitment to investments in defense, deep cuts to the State Department jeopardize our national security. Despite President Trump’s promises that Mexico would pay for a border wall, this budget shows he’s trying to force American taxpayers to pick up the tab for a wall that won’t make us safer.

“While the budget is short on details, the drastic cuts threaten programs that help ensure Virginians have clean water, safe roads and bridges, well-funded public schools, and quality, affordable health care. The budget also shows President Trump intends to keep treating federal employees as a punching bag, while in reality these workers are patriotic Americans who keep our government running. Just weeks after President Trump promised us clean water and air in his joint address to Congress, he released a budget that completely eliminates the Chesapeake Bay Program and radically cuts funding for the agency that protects water resources like the James River and monitoring sea level rise in Hampton Roads. And I’m disappointed that President Trump’s promises to fix our crumbling infrastructure so far haven’t amounted to any action to fix the roads and bridges of Virginia.

“There is already bipartisan agreement that President Trump’s harmful budget will be a nonstarter in Congress. I hope that my colleagues in the Senate will work across the aisle on a budget that charts a different roadmap, which makes the investments to help Virginia families get ahead that are absent from President Trump’s budget proposal.”

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