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Sex trivia – how well do you know sex?

Preparing for "sex trivia" night at CUPS Coffee and Tea.

Preparing for “sex trivia” night at CUPS Coffee and Tea.

That was the question put to 15 guests along with Planned Parenthood Health Systems, Inc. representatives at CUPS Coffee and Tea on Grandin Road Sunday evening. The steady rain kept the numbers down said owner Michele Bennett. This was the first time it was held on a Sunday and the first but not last participation of PPH Health Systems. Usually 35-40 show up on sex trivia night every Tuesday she said.

Not only is  sex trivia night held at CUPS Coffee and Tea but Flannery’s Pub holds trivia night on Wednesdays and Wasena City Tap Room has one on Monday nights said Bennett.

Katie Jones, PPHS Community Health Educator covers the Blacksburg, Charlottesville Roanoke area. Jones is hoping to participate at Sharkey’s sex trivia night in Blacksburg where 100 regularly show up. Monique Ingram is the PPHS Health Educator for Roanoke.

The Imppact Group is a volunteer leadership group of Planned Parenthood in Roanoke and are advocates for reproductive healthcare and sex education. The social group meets to come up with ideas for mostly youth and “the young at heart” said Jones and Olivia Babis the Virginia Field Coordinator. It was their idea to participate in sex trivia night.

“There is a desperate need for sex education and engagement like [sex trivia night]. It makes sex education fun.”

Pamphlets and basket of condoms.

Pamphlets and basket of condoms.

There was a basket full of all types and colors of condoms along with pamphlets on sexually transmitted diseases, contraceptive choices and lesbian health. No topic was too taboo nor was there no sidestepping any topic.

Bennett started the trivia rounds as groups broke out in threes and fours. Each group took on a name. I was on the Polka Dot Condom team. I was far older than anyone in the room. At 66 I came of age prior to the Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court decision in 1973. I saw many high school girls resorting to back alley abortions only to end up in hospitals and in some cases death before access to affordable health care and safe abortions became available.

“No cheating – no shouting out answers – but being funny is not only allowed but encouraged,” said Bennett. There was a lot of giggling and outright belly laughs before the rounds ended.

Michele Barnett, owner of CUPS Coffee and Tea

Michele Barnett, owner of CUPS Coffee and Tea

In the first round it was mostly on PPH trivia like 71% of PPH client visits are to prevent unintended pregnancies. Eighteen percent of PPH health care visits are under the age of 20, services are offered in 172 countries and 82% of funding goes to health services with treatment and testing for STDs and STIs making up 41% percent of the health services. Only 3% of the services is for abortions. At Roanoke’s clinic it is about 9% I was told.

The most common sexually transmitted disease in the U.S. is HPV (Human papillomavirus) that can result in warts. It takes 3 months after sexual contact for HIV to show up on a test. Giggles rang out on what was “Pediculosis Pubis.” The answer was “crabs.” The first condoms were made from the intestines of sheep (more giggles here).

Ladies seated against the back wall were trivia winners.

Ladies seated against the back wall were trivia winners.

On the answer that a woman can get pregnant after her first period there was a hilarious add-on comment “homeroom isn’t the only thing that happens after your first period … ovulation does too.” You will have to attend one of these sex trivia events to learn more – I’ve gone out on the limb far enough here.

The “Vagina Monologues” team came in first and my team the “Polka Dot Condoms” came in third. I wasn’t much help being way older than anyone else in the contest. I could teach them about what happens when you become a senior citizen but I thought why spoil the fun.

Roanoke City Public Schools is taking advantage of sex education from PPHS. They are working with other schools systems to frankly and biologically educate students about sex.

On a more serious note I talked with Olivia Babis about TRAP (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers). PPH has seven clinics in Virginia and none of them are planning to be closed she said. However the older Blacksburg clinic won’t be upgraded and will be restricted to performing no more than five abortions a year.

Even the more modern Roanoke Clinic needed hundreds of thousands of dollars to upgrade said Babis. Roanoke needed a new HVAC system. Both Roanoke and Charlottesville have received their licenses and operate as hospitals.

To afford the upgrades Babis says they “hope to avoid an increase in patient costs and instead rely on grants and supporters to fund the upgrades.” She also explained that on a sliding scale basis the mandated sonograms run from $200-$400. They have not always been medically necessary in the past.


Katie Jones and Kendall Bailey with a member of Imppact.

“The difficulty is for our patients,” she said. Taking time off from work and the mandatory 24-hour waiting period following fist visits and sonograms creates a financial burden. Another worry is that  even more extreme General Assembly bills will come if the Republican ticket is elected in November. The fear is that PPH will lose its funding, there will be more restrictions including reintroduction of the “personhood” bill. “They’re views are extreme.”

Pledges to vote in November were being signed.

I highly recommend attending one of these fun sex trivia events. There will be more where PPHS will participate. Online at

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July 3rd, 2013 at 11:00 AM    

These trivia events are so important. Instead of trying to close/get rid of PPH, it should be expanded. Women need honest answers when talking about sex, men do also. Informed decisions are the best decisions. It is sad that today in Washington men are in control and do not seem to have a clue about women. Pale, stale, male’s!

Valerie Garner

July 3rd, 2013 at 3:41 PM    

You said it Dee! They know what’s good for us – not our doctors they say. We are subservient and unable to think for ourselves. Well they have another thing coming.

Michelle Bennett

July 3rd, 2013 at 9:52 PM    

Thanks for the coverage. The sex quiz theme was special for Planned Parenthood. Our weekly quiz on Tuesdays at 7 is a general knowledge quiz


July 7th, 2013 at 11:11 AM    

If any bar/restaurant would like to hold a sex trivia game without planned parenthood being involved check out this website, Kinky Quizzo is the original sex trivia game running nationwide for 9 years now. Winners take home ADULT goodies! Find out where to play on the website too :)

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