Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Shifting Gears

Time marches on. I can’t really remember when I began this blog. I think it was in April of 2007. However, my interest in Countryside Golf Course dates back 40 years. I’ve been writing about the course ever since I can remember. As the events of 2005 unfolded, I found myself becoming more vocal and pointed in my written thoughts. Those thoughts and feelings were the genesis of this blog. Over the past couple of years, this blog has been instrumental in focusing positive attention on the golf course and marshaling forces devoted to saving it.

Along the way, Valerie Garner became an integral part of this blog. She worked tirelessly as an advocate, watchdog, and director of this blog. Now she has electronically moved on to her new site:

The Roanoke Free Press
This site will feature the same detailed Countryside coverage as well as fascinating community oriented topics. I encourage all readers to mark down The Roanoke Free Press as the source of information regarding Countryside.

This blog will continue to operate as an archive. In addition, I may add my own content from time to time relating to the course and the efforts by some to dismantle it.

Countryside Golf Course is safe for now, but insecurity is only one budget battle away.

Thom Ryder

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