Monday, March 22, 2010

Shout at Rep. Bart Stupak “baby killer” by Republican – video

UPDATE: Texas Rep. Randy Neugebauer was heckler.

Nobody wants to fess up to who called Rep. Bart Stupak of Michigan a “baby killer” on the floor of the House of Representatives Sunday night. However, it was attributed to California Republican George Radanovich. Max Blumenthal, author of Republican Gommorahtweeted Radanovich as the culprit Sunday night.

California Republican John Campbell who was first accused of the breach of decorum denied it was anyone from California.

Stupak was one of the pro-life holdouts until President Obama signed the Executive Order ensuring no federal money would go to funding abortions. Stupak and followers then agreed to vote “yes” on the health care bill.

The shouting of “baby killer” occurred during Stupaks debunk of using abortion as the rhetoric by the Republicans to garner support for “a motion to recommit.” Using the Executive Order by the President as a reason to start the House process all over again. The motion failed 220-211.

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