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Six 5th district candidates make case for a convention

In a press release from Freda Morton, Fluvanna County Republican candidate for the 5th District Congressional nomination:

“Six out of seven of the Republican candidates for the nomination for the U. S. House of Representatives from Virginia’s 5th Congressional District have notified unit chairs throughout the district that they prefer having that nomination made at a District Convention of party delegates in May of next year rather than an open primary in June. A decision will be made this Saturday, December 12th, at a district meeting in Appomattox. 

In a joint com.muniqué sent to the unit chairs in the district that runs from Greene County on the North to the North Carolina border on the South, the six expressed concern over the fact that Virginia law would permit Democrats and other non-Republicans to vote in a GOP primary since freshman Democrat Congressman Tom Perriello is unlikely to be opposed in his party, freeing his supporters to help pick their favorite Republican as his opponent. 

In the email to GOP officials the candidates noted that, “We are encouraged by the widespread support we have found for a convention among conservatives in every county and city in the 5th District and we hope that party leaders will consider this overwhelming support for a convention and vote on Saturday to allow 5th District Republicans to choose their nominee at a district convention in May rather than by a later primary vote tainted by liberal voters playing games.” 

The six Republican candidates signing onto the statement were Feda Morton, Ken Boyd, Laurence Verga, Michael McPadden, Ron Ferrin, and Jim McKelvey. 

Several other reasons were given for opposing a primary and supporting a convention. 

“A primary will demand that local governments of the 5th District bear the expense of a primary,” the statement noted saying that local governments are already financially strapped and this additional burden should not be needlessly placed on taxpayers. Other reasons included the fact that a May convention would give the party’s nominee an extra month to focus on defeating Perriello over a June primary and that a convention will require an absolute majority of votes to pick a winner while a simple plurality would be needed in a primary. 

“…in a seven-way [primary], a candidate could conceivably win with as few as 15% of the vote.” the statement explained.

This statement evolved following an appearance by six of the seven at a monthly meeting of the Fluvanna County Republican Party on Monday night where a large audience questioned the candidates for more than two hours.”

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