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Solid Waste Management Ends Fiscal Year With Less Trash – “Fill Your Bin and Win” Contest

Skip Decker gives Solid Waste Presentation to RNA

Skip Decker gives Solid Waste Presentation to RNA

Roanoke City: In closing out the fiscal year for 2008-2009, Solid Waste Management reports that crews have collected less trash then the previous five fiscal years.

The report generated by the Roanoke Valley Resource Authority reflects fiscal year 2008-2009 with 46,866 tons of trash compared to 55,036 tons in 2007-2008, 55,023 tons in 2006-2007, 50,214 tons in fiscal year 2005-2006, 47,836 in 2004-2005 and 49,536 tons for 2003-2004. According to Skip Decker, Manager of Solid Waste, trash is lower due to several factors; the weak economy is one, the second is people being out of work, and the third is the increase in recycling. Interestingly. when the economy is weak and/or people are out of work, they have a tendency to budget more than ever, making do with what they have rather than throwing things away.

However, recycling continues to increase.

Registration Continues for “Fill Your Bin and Win” Recycling Contest

The Citizens for Clean and Green Committee has extended the initial deadline to enter the “Fill Your Bin and Win” recycling contest to Sept. 1.

The goal of the contest is to encourage more residents to recycle on a regular basis by offering quarterly prizes of $100, although organizers also hope to raise awareness of and commitment to the city’s curbside recycling service. The committee has extended the deadline in order to give more people a chance to participate in the initial prize drawing.

To play, citizens must sign up either by filling out a form online or by mailing in a postcard with name, address, phone number, and recycling bin serial numbers (if available). Newcomers to recycling are particularly encouraged to take part, and must call the Citizen Service Center at 853-2000 to request bins. The contest will take place over the course of the next year, covering different collection zones and offering new sign-up opportunities each quarter, so there are multiple chances to win.

Solid Waste Management staff will monitor recycling routes and draw participants’names at random to award prizes. The more frequently a household recycles,the better the chances to win. A full list of guidelines, along with the electronic sign-up form, is available on the city’s Web site.

Go to and click on the ‘Fill Your Bin and Win’ link. For more information, contact Skip Decker, Director of Solid Waste Management,at 540-853-6848, or

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