Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sometimes Small Ideas Are Good Ideas

I had mentioned to the Editorial Board and then to a Roanoke Times Reporter that when the Taubman Museum opens in November the below would encourage spending at the downtown retailers and restaurants:
Parking validation – you remember that if you are over ?? years old. A museum visitor would take their Taubman Museum ticket and spend “blank” number of dollars at a retailer or restaurant and receive a token to hand to the parking attendant – thereby stimulating the downtown and providing free parking to those who spend at the local shops. Is this one of those win/win situations?
Our City School Arts and Drama departments struggle with funding. OK, another idea – Place a surcharge of 5% on a museum ticket earmarked for Arts and Drama in our schools. Certainly no one would object to .25 or .35 cents going to Arts and Drama for our schools. Even out-of-towners see the “good” in that.
Any comments on these ideas?

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