Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sometimes We Make Mistakes …

What I thought I was attending today was a press conference on schools by Mr. Bowers and Mr. Wishneff but it turned into something close to a riot. It was across the street from Forest Park. It turned out not to have been set up by Bowers and Wishneff but by the Forest Park PTA President. To say it was contentious would be an understatement. There is a misconception that Council (this one or another one) can overturn the School Boards vote to re-purpose Forest Park. The only authority that City Council has is to appoint school board members and fund the schools. Everything else is at the Board’s sole discretion. Read below the School Board’s responsibility:
School Board Duties and Responsibilities
The School Board shall: Provide a program of quality instruction. Manage and direct the school system through the employment and evaluation of the superintendent, establishment of policy, and monitoring of budget, bond elections, fiscal accounting, tax and debt management, and plant construction and renovation. Guide the school system through the adoption of policies related to fiscal management, facilities development, personnel, instruction, students, and school/community/ education agency relations. Enhance communications between community and staff by ensuring the public understands school system goals and programs; secure public support for the schools; promote the public’s presence in the schools; establish effective communications with staff; encourage citizen attendance at Board meetings; and ensure response to public concerns.

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