Saturday, July 25, 2009

Spin Zone: Bob McDonnell Campaign on Homestead Debate

McDonnell Promotes Job-Creating Proposals, Deeds Highlights Job-Killing Positions 

McDonnell 90 Percent with Small Business, Deeds 90 percent with Big Unions

Deeds Puts Massive Tax Hikes on Table, Refuses to Talk Straight with Virginia Voters on Transportation


BATH COUNTY- In the first gubernatorial debate of the 2009 campaign, Bob McDonnell repeatedly stood up for Virginia workers and voters, while Democrat Creigh Deeds put massive tax increases on the table, defended the job-killing card check bill, and refused to oppose cap and trade legislation that threatens jobs statewide, including 1500 jobs at Meadwestvaco in his own state senate district.

It was a debate of contrasts:


Opposed cap and trade calling it a true job-killer

Stood strong against card-check, noting it would crush Virginia’s job-creating Right to Work law

Laid out his comprehensive transportation plan that would invest billions in transportation without a tax increase

Detailed his job-creating policy proposals for small business, energy, higher education, K-12 education, and veterans


Put massive tax increases to fund transportation on the table

Spent his time defending his lack of a transportation plan

Stood up for Card Check legislation saying: “It’s not going to do anything to impugn Virginia’s integrity as a business-friendly state.”

Refused to oppose the massive job-killing energy tax, cap and trade bill that threatens jobs in his own state senate district

Following the debate McDonnell for Governor Campaign Manager Phil Cox remarked, “This debate sums up this campaign. Bob McDonnell laid out his bold job-creating proposals. Creigh Deeds spent his time defending his job-killing positions, policies and record. Most noteworthy, Creigh has now put massive tax increases for transportation on the table, while still refusing to offer any details for fixing the issue that he has called the most important one facing Virginia. It was a clash of leadership vs. obfuscation. Every call for reform and innovation came from Bob McDonnell. He called for more charter schools. For environmentally friendly offshore drilling. For ABC privatization and the institution of his comprehensive transportation plan. And for performance pay for teachers and principals. This debate made it clear, Bob McDonnell is the jobs candidate, and he will be a jobs governor.”

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