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Spin Zone: Creigh Deeds on the Kind of Governor He Will Be

Deeds: ‘My Record Will Tell You What Kind of Governor I’ll Be’

Democrat contrasts record, criticizes McDonnell for opposing bipartisan progresses


HOT SPRINGS – Sen. Creigh Deeds, the Democratic candidate for governor, laid out his vision to jump-start Virginia’s economy on Saturday, contrasting it with Bob McDonnell’s record of opposing bipartisan economic progress.

“The choice in this election is clear – who has a record and plan to jump start our economy and restore confidence and who will take us back to the failed economic policies of the past,” Deeds said Saturday in his closing statement at the first debate of the 2009 general election. “Bob McDonnell talks a lot about bipartisanship and a lot about his commitment to creating jobs, but it’s easy to talk a good game in an election year.

“I believe the best way to know what kind of Governor he will be is to look at his record,” Deeds continued. “My record will tell you what kind of Governor I’ll be. I’m proud to have stood with Mark Warner, to have stood with John Chichester, every step of the way to get a plan passed in 2004.”

During the debate, McDonnell repeatedly endorsed George W. Bush’s economic policies, saying they “overheated” the economy. As Attorney General, Bob McDonnell advocated for utility rate increases that would have cost family and business consumers an average of $360 each. And he affirmed that he would continue to “act consistent with his record” in advocating a social agenda that includes sponsoring or cosponsoring 35 pieces of abortion legislation.

“One of the starkest differences in the debate today was on a woman’s right to choose. Every voter in Virginia deserves to know that Bob McDonnell opposes choice even in the case of rape or incest,” said Campaign Manager Joe Abbey.


McDonnell Today: “[W]hat he also did, because we had an economic downturn, you remember this, in 2001, in 2003, we put together, and the federal government under Republican leadership, put together, significant cuts in taxes. Corporate income taxes, capital gains taxes, killed the death tax, which my opponent has routinely voted against in the General Assembly. These were policies that Democrats and Republicans said in 2004, 2005 and 2006 – this is the reason that we’ve had this economic revival in America. All of you saw…in fact it almost overheated in the real estate market, in the stock market, during that time. And most people said it was because of those cuts.”


McDonnell in today’s debate: “My office of consumer protection I think did a very good job” and “utilities are entitled to a rate increase.”


“Creigh and I both have a long record over 18 years. You know where we are on some of those, some of these matters. And I’m sure we’ll continue to act consistent with that.”

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