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ROANOKE – Deeds Senior Adviser Mo Elleithee released the following statement Tuesday on Bob McDonnell’s many election year conversions.

“Bob McDonnell knows his record is out of the mainstream, so he’s decided to undergo ‘an election year conversion’ on dozens of issues. For example, he says he is running to be the ‘jobs’ Governor, but he never sponsored a single bill to create a job in his 14 years in the legislature. And, he voted to cut funding for the program Creigh sponsored – the Governor’s Opportunity Fund – which created or saved 80,000 jobs in the Commonwealth. McDonnell says he’ll be a friend to education, but he opposed funding our schools every single time he could and never sponsored a bill to improve education in the Commonwealth.

“McDonnell has changed two dozen positions in the last 46 days. He obviously will say anything to get elected – but is that the type of person we want as governor? We know his record, we know his strident opposition to the progress we have made under Governors Warner, Kaine and President Obama, and we know we can’t trust him to lead Virginia.

“Creigh Deeds is running to continue the work he has spent his career advancing – creating jobs, making our schools the best in the nation and finally breaking the legislative gridlock to pass a transportation plan. You won’t have to wonder what kind of Governor Creigh will be.”

A List of 25 of McDonnell’s Election Year Conversions is Below.


“Despite all the campaign trail fanfare, this was anything but the typical launch of a Republican campaign for governor of Virginia. In fact, McDonnell’s speech was remarkable for what went unsaid. Unlike past GOP nominees, McDonnell stayed silent on almost every bedrock conservative issue — abortion, guns, the sanctity of marriage, school choice — the very issues that served as the foundation for his 20-year political career.” –The Washington Post, March 3, 2009

1. Governor’s Opportunity Fund

THEN: McDonnell Voted Three Times to Cut Funds from the Governor’s Opportunity Fund. (AP, 07/15/09) NOW: McDonnell Proposes Doubling the Size of the Governor’s Opportunity Fund. (Roanoke Times, 07/09/09)

2. Equal Pay

THEN: McDonnell Voted Against 2001 Equal Pay Resolution. (HJ800, 2001)

NOW: McDonnell Said He Supports and Will Enforce Equal Pay. (People’s Debate, 10/12/09)

3. Equal Opportunity

THEN: McDonnell Served On Regent University’s Board of Trustees Which Had an ‘Equal Opportunity’ Policy That Favored Men Over Women. (Washington Post, 10/11/09)

NOW: McDonnell Campaign Said He Supports Hiring Based on Merit and Ability—“Nothing Else.” (Washington Post Virginia Politics Blog, 10/14/09)

4. Working Women

THEN: McDonnell Wrote That Working Women Are “Detrimental” To The Family, And Voted Against Resolution Calling For Equal Pay For Equal Work. (Washington Post, 8/30/09)

NOW: McDonnell Said His Views Have Changed And He Now Supports Women In The Workplace. (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 09/01/09)

5. Child-Care

THEN: McDonnell “Criticized Federal Tax Credits for Child Care Expenditures Because They Encouraged Women to Enter the Workforce” And Voted Against Efforts to Expand and Improve Child Care Standards. (History of SB417, 1998; History of HB986, 2000)

NOW: McDonnell Cited His Support for Child Day Care in a 1995 Welfare Reform Bill to Illustrate That He Supported Child Care.(Washington Post, 9/1/2009)

6. Access to Birth Control

THEN: McDonnell Criticized Expanded Access to Birth Control and Fought for Restrictions. (Washington Post, 08/30/09)

NOW: McDonnell Said Government Should Not Ban Birth Control. (Washington Post, 08/30/09)

7. Reproductive Choice

THEN: McDonnell Opposed Abortion Even in Cases of Rape and Incest for His Entire Public Career. (Washington Post, 8/09/09)

NOW: McDonnell Said That He Does Not Support Public Policy That Would Restrict Abortion in Cases of Rape and Incest. (AP, 09/01/09)

8. Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation

THEN: McDonnell Wrote That Homosexuality Must Be Restrained, Deterred And Punished, And Opposed State Anti-Discrimination Rules. (Daily Press, 2/24/07)

NOW: McDonnell Says He Is Opposed To Discrimination On The Basis Of Sexual Orientation. (National Review Online, 8/31/09)

9. Adoption Rights

THEN: In 2005, McDonnell Twice Voted To Bar Homosexuals And Cohabitators From Adopting. (HB 2921, 2005)

NOW: McDonnell Said He Favored Allowing Adoption, “Whether It Is An Unmarried Male Or Female, Regardless Of The Reference To Sexual Orientation.” (Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce Debate, 9/17/09)

10. Tourism

THEN: McDonnell Opposed Investments That Would Have Helped Boost Tourism. (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 01/02/06)

NOW: McDonnell Touted Support for Tourism and Film Industry to Help Create Jobs. (Winchester Star, 04/02/09)

11. Protecting Workers in Southside

THEN: McDonnell Voted Against Emergency Jobless Benefits for Laid-Off Textile Workers in the Martinsville Area And And Increase in Benefits for Laid-Off Workers in High-Unemployment Areas. (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 07/30/08)

NOW: Nine Years After Voting Against Jobless Benefits for Laid Off Textile Workers in the Martinsville Area, McDonnell Visited The Area and Said “It’s Time for Action.” (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 07/30/08

12. Economic Development in Southwest Virginia

THEN: McDonnell Voted to Cut Funds for Economic Development Initiatives in Southwest and Other Rural Areas And Voted Against a Regional Competitiveness Program. (Virginian-Pilot, 03/07/02)

NOW: McDonnell Proposed Having a Senior Administration Official Focus on Rural Economic Development. (AP, 07/09/09)

13. Route 58 Economic Development

THEN: McDonnell Voted to Cut $10 Million from the Route 58 Economic Development Project & Voted Against Bonds to Help Advance the Project. (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 06/09/05)

NOW: McDonnell Said His Campaign’s “Heart and Soul” Was Economic Development and Bringing Jobs to the Route 58 Corridor. (Suffolk News Herald, 08/15/09)

14. Bipartisan Redistricting Reform

THEN: McDonnell “Opposed and Obstructed” Redistricting Reform “For Years.” (Washington Post, 10/5/09) NOW: McDonnell Is “Reversing Himself” On Redistricting Reform (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 5/23/09

15. Mortgage Reform

THEN: Attorney General McDonnell Was ‘Missing in Action’ On The Subprime Mortgage Foreclosure Crisis; Was 1 Of Only 6 In The Entire General Assembly To Vote Against Mortgage Lending Reform.

NOW: Only In 2009 – Over A Year After The Recession Began And After The Meltdown Of Wall Street — Did McDonnell Support New Legislation. (Virginian-Pilot, 2/24/08)

16. Twenty-One Day Rule for DNA Evidence

THEN: McDonnell Introduced an Amendment to Prohibit People Who Pleaded Guilty From Being Able to Introduce New DNA Evidence a Past 21-Day Limit. (AP, 04/04/01)

NOW: McDonnell Called For Legislative Restitution for a Wrongly Convicted Man Exonerated by DNA Evidence. (Washington Post, 10/11/09)

17. Transportation Options

THEN: McDonnell Supported Transportation Plans With Increases in the Sales Tax, Gas Tax, Diesel Tax, and Abuser Driver Fees That Exempted Out of State Drivers. (AP, 02/29/08)

NOW: McDonnell Refuses to Keep All Transportation Revenue Options on the Table. (Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce Debate, 09/17/09)

18. Guns in Bars

THEN: McDonnell Voted Against Guns in Bars. (HB1997, 2003)

NOW: McDonnell Supports Guns in Bars. (Roanoke Times, 01/25/09)

19. Wetlands

THEN: McDonnell Opposed Non-Tidal Wetlands Protection Bill. (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 02/12/00)

NOW: McDonnell Says He is “Committed” to Cleaning Up the Chesapeake Bay. (www.bobmcdonnell.com)

20. Tax Pledge

THEN: McDonnell Signed ‘No-Tax Pledge’ Throughout His Career’ (Americans for Tax Reform Releases)

NOW: The Washington Times: Shocked “When Bob McDonnell Told Us He Wasn’t Going To Sign Any Pledge Not To Raise Taxes.” (Editorial, Washington Times, 06/17/09)

21. Gas Taxes

THEN: McDonnell Supported a Transportation Plan With Increases in the Gas Tax and Diesel Tax. (AP, 02/29/08)

NOW: McDonnell Campaign Released Ad Attacking Creigh For Supporting Transportation Funding Solutions. (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 8/13/09)

22. School Vouchers

THEN: McDonnell Pursued Pushing School Vouchers Into Virginia Throughout His Career.( Virginian-Pilot, 10/26/93)

NOW: McDonnell said “I am not advocating vouchers.” (Washington Post, 08/30/09)

23. Salaries for Virginia Teachers

THEN: McDonnell Voted Against Increasing Teacher Salaries for Virginia’s Public School Teachers. (Roanoke Times, 08/27/09)

NOW: McDonnell Says He Supports Raising Teacher Salaries To The National Average. (AP, 09/01/09

24. Lower Class Sizes

THEN: McDonnell Voted Against Lower Class Sizes. (Washington Post, 04/21/94)

NOW: McDonnell Says “There Is No More Important Thing Than Keeping Class Sizes Low.” (VEA Forum, 04/23/09)

25. Campaign Finance

THEN: McDonnell Entered AG’s Office “Tainted” By Hiding Source Of 40% Of Contributions For His 2005 Campaign. (Washington Post, 10/28/05)

NOW: McDonnell Said “If You Have Fully And Regular Disclosure, We Need To Make Sure That’s Well Enforced.” (The People’s Debate, 10/12/09)

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