Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stormwater Tax for Roanoke City Residents – $4 Monthly

Local Storm Drain Backup

Local Storm Drain Backup

Don’ t be surprised if your water bill, real estate tax bill, or by some other means you get charged for the “impervious” surface your dwelling takes up. You would get a credit for having a “rain barrel.” If you are a resident with no more than a house with 2000 sq. ft. your rainwater runoff will cost you $4-$5 a month.

Businesses could be paying $400 a month for their building and parking lots. The charge would need to be enough to fund $60 million over a 10 year period. No one not even non-profits would be exempt from the charge. The policy on credits is yet to be determined. Councilman David Trinkle picked up on the list of localities and amount (ENU) they charged. The lowest ENU charge was $2.70 a month.

Engineer Phil Shermer and City Manager, Darlene Burcham suggested a separate Stormwater Fund. Burcham said that the public would be more accepting of the charge if they saw immidiate results. Targeting localities prone to stornwater flooding throughout the city would come first. Burcham said that issuing debt was not the way to go but advocated for a PAYGO (pay as you go) cash approach.

Shermer said there will be consequences if the City does not implement a stormwater quality improvement strategy. This is coming with a federal environmental stormwater quality mandate. The city’s infrastructure “is decaying,” said Shermer.

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