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Survey Stakes Moved Ten Feet

According to Information on Roanoke City’s GIS mapping system – Newbern Properties sold the property that the Trane building occupies to The Tuckawana Group LLC on 9/15/2001. Have you noticed there is a 25 foot strip of property owned by Newbern Properties connecting to Frontage Road? Entrance to expanded Trane building?

I called Mr. Chittum on Wednesday for more information following his phone message on Tuesday advising me that the stake(s) were moved 10 feet back from the third green. It took awhile to get the answers to three questions:

  1. Who placed the stakes into the ground?
  2. How many feet from the current property line are each stake?
  3. What is the required distance from property line to the expanded structure?


Engineers came out from the city to initially meet with Mr. Newbern to come up with the general location of the proposed new property line. Finally after asking for the third time stressing “who stuck them into the ground?” The answer to that was a surveyor for Mr. Newbern.

How many feet are there to the stakes? Another difficult question to answer for Mr. Chittum. Finally I was able to get that it is 30 feet from the back of the building. It is 215 feet to the furthest stake and forms a triangle. This will take out all the buffered pines just now becoming mature enough to hide this attractive building. (GIS has a measuring tool I used on the above map to measure 30 feet and 215 feet. In blue is speculation on entrance to the disired property.)

My third question of how close can you build to the property line – Zoning of L-1 (Light Industrial). There is NO minimum.

The land must be assessed and two public hearings must take place. Since the Countryside property is zoned Recreation and new zoning would be L-1 it must be heard by the Zoning Commission first. Then after the zoning (if approved) it requires another public hearing.

Mr. Chittum has no idea what the property is going to be used for. This is hard to believe. So the secrecy leads to speculation that the 25 foot piece owned by Newbern Properties will be a driveway to the enlarged Trane building. A driveway across the cart path.

According to Mr. Chittum, Steve Smith, the general manager of Countryside for Meadowbrook gave approval and affirms that play will not be interfered with … does Mr. Smith know what is going to be built? Is a driveway going to cut through the cart path? Is a structure going to be right on the property line? I have been unable to reach Mr. Smith for comment.

Look for comparison on position of stakes after the “alleged” move of 10 feet.

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