Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tax Day protest Friday will be a reverse town hall

Last year April 15 Tax Day Protest

Roanoke TEA Party will gather in Elmwood Park Friday from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. Elected officials are invited but none will speak. It is dubbed as a Reverse Town Hall.

Release via Gregory Aldridge:

It was on April 15, 2009 that a group of 500 people assembled on Reserve Avenue in Roanoke to express frustration about the dramatic increases in deficit spending that had been announced by the incoming Obama administration. That largely spontaneous gathering led to the formation of our Roanoke group, which owing to the support of a core of liberty-loving citizens, is still going strong 2 years later.

Weve been trying for weeks to think of the perfect way to recognize this event, and continue the tradition of hosting a Tax Day protest in Roanoke. What we came up with might best be called a Reverse Town Hall. We will be inviting all elected officers in the Roanoke area to attend this event federal, state and local. but none will be invited to speak. We are inviting them to come and listen to us! Attendees will be able to record a video message or a write a written message to their representatives that may be absent.

The Reverse Town Hall will be held at Elmwood Park, where we will provide a place for each of our representatives to meet amicably with those they represent, as well as hear us voice Tea Party concerns from the main stage. There will be food available, so come on down after work!

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